Matheus on The Glee Project 101

My favorite part of the homework assignment was being able to see a celebrity right up close for the first time! I was pretty tired that day and thought I'd be really shy to sing in front of Darren, but he made us all feel very comfortable. For me, the best part about making the Firework music video was just looking at all of the other contenders’ faces. There was so much gratitude in everyone’s eyes. By this time, we had all gotten pretty close with each other, so to witness us all being part of a music video for the first time... Ah, it was so surreal.

The funny thing is that I probably wouldn't have even been casted as an extra on a regular music video prior to this whole experience, let alone as a featured singer. I tend to be too different to be cast in those. So to finally be in a music video that I can truly be part of is very emotional for me. I start getting teary just thinking about it.

My one-on-one session with Darren was awesome. I'm a big fan of his, so to have him right there giving me tips and advice was incredible. I've never really won anything of this caliber in the past and I always had my doubts, so I couldn't be more grateful that Darren picked me as the winner. During our one-on-one session he complimented the way I sang my line from the Stevie Wonder song and to have someone as talented as him say that to me was truly an honor.

Darren also gave me some really good tips. He told me that when he's filming the show, he tries to make all his dance moves very precise, so that they pop out more on camera. Also, since this is “individuality" week after all, he told me to go out there and show some of my individual moves and whatnot. But just so you guys know, I don't just body roll to the floor like that every day! I did it because it pertained to the theme of the week, which was showing how unique you can be. He actually gave me a little boost when he said my moves were sexy. I didn't see that coming at all! Darren is really down to earth and grounded and just a great guy in general. Spending time with him felt more like I was hanging out with one of my friends, not a celebrity. That's how cool and chill a guy he is.

The mentor that I've connected with the most thus far is Robert Ulrich. I've never met such a genuinely good guy like him. He takes the time to get to know each and every one of us. And you can tell that he truly cares about how each one of us is feeling. I'm glad that he is a part of this journey we’re on. To me, the one who stood out the most so far is Alex. He is really true to who he is as a person, which also makes me think that he's our biggest competition at this point. Darren liked us both during our performances of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", and Alex has an incredible voice!

Bryce and I got really close throughout this competition. I look up to him like my big brother. Some people might not understand his sarcastic humor, but he does have a really big heart. I'm really sad to see him leave, but I know that this show is only the beginning for him and he's going to end up making all his dreams come true.

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