McKynleigh on The Glee Project 102

I was super excited about this week’s theme – theatricality – and getting to sing Gaga’s “Bad Romance” because I am a theatre person at heart =) And… OMG! I met freakin’ Idina Menzel! She is my musical theatre idol. I have covered so many of her songs for talent contests and such. I didn't think they would bring out this big of a star on the second week of the competition!!! I couldn't have been happier.

I was a little disappointed I didn’t win the homework assignment and get to work personally with Idina, but I wanted one of the three musical theatre kids (Linsday, Alex, or myself) to win. So I was happy for Alex when he won. My favorite part of shooting the music video this week was spitting water in the crowd =) I also got to wear this black and red dress with black and red striped tights, along with really high heels that almost killed me..! I don't think I deserved to be in the bottom three. I thought that I did really well this week.

I was glad they chose “Piece of My Heart” for me to sing. It was a good choice for me, and I think they chose it for me because it’s rocker-country style, which is what I would like to think that I am.

I think my strongest suit in this competition so far has been my honesty; especially when it comes to interaction with both the mentors and the cast. As for my weaknesses, I still need to work on performing for the camera. Live performing is my forte, but my on-camera performance still needs some work. I think it was a good decision to send Ellis home. I think that her attitude was a little off-putting and she was very negative.

See more pictures from the episode here.

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