Robert on The Glee Project 101

I think the contenders all did great during their first homework assignment this week. Because there were so many of them, they each only had one or two lines to sing and had to make an impression with just that (and they all did). Our guest mentor, Darren Criss, chose Matheus as the winner of the homework assignment, so he obviously stood out. All the contenders did great work in the “Firework” video, especially considering it was their first video, and for many of them, the first time performing (and lip-syncing) in front of any camera.

See pictures from the video shoot here!

Like the Glee cast members, all The Glee Project contenders are enormously talented. Determining that Bryce, Damian and Ellis would be in the bottom three was a tough decision. Extremely tough. Damian seemed to be having trouble finding his way and he seemed to lose his personality in the group parts of the “Firework” video. What makes Ellis special is that she’s a contradiction. She may look like she’s 12 years old, but the real Ellis is more caustic and sophisticated. During the video shoot, she fell into the trap of playing the child she looks like and, though she corrected it after some direction, it was a misstep that landed her in the bottom three. Bryce actually did great in the video and really found a place for himself through the video performance--really popped. It was other struggles that he had during the week that put him in the bottom three.


As you saw in the episode, Ryan was very impressed with all three of them. He thought Bryce was unlike anyone he had ever seen on television. He thought Damian was someone he knew he could immediately create a character for and write for. Ryan thought Ellis was someone who audiences (and girls in particular) would really relate to.

I don’t want to put words into Ryan’s mouth, but I think that Bryce was ultimately eliminated because the situation being what it was (having to choose someone to be eliminated), Ryan felt Ellis and Damian were a little more specific types, and ultimately the show is about showing who you are in such a way that Ryan can create a character for you.

See Bryce's exit video here.


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