Robert on The Glee Project 109

For an actor, generosity is very important for two reasons. First, when acting, you are never acting alone you are usually acting with someone else, but if not, you are still acting for an audience. So, the nature of acting is the giving of yourself the more generous you are, the better your performance. Secondly, if and hopefully when, these contenders become stars, my hope is they will remember what it was like before and keep a generous spirit with everyone they work with: cast, crew, and most importantly, their fans. I think all of these kids will do that.The homework assignment Lean on Me was perfect for the theme of generosity. The challenge was not really for the contender singing the solo, but rather for the three singing the back-up. It was their responsibility to support and lift up the soloist. Also, the words to the song could not be any more appropriate to the theme.Kevin was the perfect guest mentor this week with the theme being generosity. Throughout the two seasons of GLEE Kevin has proven he is a rock to lean on he is always kind and sweet, and of course, generous.The contenders were paired up with kids for this weeks music video Sing because I believe little childrens honesty ignites the generous spirit in everyone. Every contender struggled a little with the multi-tasking of playing an instrument, lip-syncing and focusing on and supporting the child they were performing with. Ultimately, all four contenders were successful in making a really fun video.This week it was particularly difficult to pick a bottom three. At this point in the competition, all the contenders were extremely focused, driven and prepared. As Zach, Nikki and I were laboring over a decision, we received a call from Ryan Murphy. Ryan said he wanted Ian Brennan, co-creator, producer, and writer of GLEE, to see all four of the contenders, to aid him in making the decision as to who would be the best contender to create a role for. It was such a relief to Zach, Nikki and me. We were so happy we didnt have to pick a bottom three and we were even more thrilled that all four kids were able to stay one more week. They are all four so talented and we love them. We also thought it was wonderful that all four contenders were going to get a chance to be seen by Ian.My advice for the contenders at this point in the competition is that they should try and enjoy themselves. Yes, of course they still have to focus and try to win, but the show is almost over, and they should take a moment and allow themselves to be happy that they have made it this far. Out of 43,000 applicants, they have made it to the final four. They will look back on this as a highlight of their lives, no matter the outcome.

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