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I am finally writing my blog for Episode 10 – the finale. I am so, so sorry that it has taken me weeks to do this. I have been extremely busy with the actual casting of GLEE and I haven’t had a minute to sit down and concentrate. But, I didn’t want the season to end with me not giving my final thoughts.

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It’s interesting to reflect back now that so much time has gone by. It’s amazing that my emotions and feelings are still fresh and vital. From the moment the week of the final episode began it was exciting. It was so cool to have Ryan be the guest during the Homework Assignment. His presence carried a lot of weight. Ryan was so invested in the kids, and having him there made it really special for the contenders, and me as well. Suddenly, all the contenders knew that THIS WAS IT – the time had come! It was a wonderful moment when Ryan opened the door and the eight contenders rushed in to the room to join the four finalists. I have to say, seeing all of them back together truly got to me.

The video shoot was by far the most exciting of the season. It was a tall building, very tall, and it was cold. It was also the most gorgeous day and the view was breathtaking. I love the song “Raise Your Glass”, I loved Zach’s choreography and I loved the way Erik shot it. The helicopter was an added bonus – we could look up and see our director, Marc Jacobs, practically hanging out it with a huge camera in hand, shooting the contenders as he circled the building. When the video shoot wrapped, it was quite emotional. There was a tremendous sense of togetherness in the air. All of us -- the cast, the crew, the network and the producers – felt a great deal of pride. We were proud of each other for pulling off this huge show, and most of all pride in the contenders. The show was not even over, the winner had not been chosen, but still in that moment there seemed to be sense of closure – at least for me. On that rooftop, in the darkness of a gorgeous Southern California night, I think we all felt grateful for the experience and the friends we had made. It was a night I will never forget.


The evening of the finale there was so much excitement in the air – the energy was palpable. The finale performances were out of this world! All four of the contenders brought their “A game” and I think each of them did their best job to date. I just watched those performances back today and they are ridiculously good. Alex, Lindsay, Samuel and Damian were all spectacular! Any one of them could have won the competition and it would have been completely understandable.


I had no idea that Ryan was going to make Samuel and Damian both winners. And I didn’t know that Lindsay and Alex would also walk away as winners as well. It was a surprise, and it was a WONDERFUL surprise. It was just the perfect end to a perfect season. It was simply so “GLEE” --super satisfying. I was beyond happy and when we were all hugging and laughing on the stage at the end, it was, again, a moment I will never forget. It was utterly joyous!


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The entire experience of “The Glee Project” was wonderful. I had the time of my life, truly. Anyone who knows me knows that is the absolute truth. From the moment I began the MySpace search it was challenging, but enormously fun. I had a crew (six screeners and six interns assisting) working 5 days a week, all day long for 6 weeks, spearheaded by my Associates, Alex Newman and Joe McQuillen. One night we were all there until 6:00am. At the same time, I was viewing tapes and auditioning people in my office.

The Chicago and Dallas open calls were a blast. I remember walking through the crowd and passing a large room filled with kids (waiting to audition) singing together and it made me so happy. From the start I wanted “The Glee Project” to be a positive experience, as positive as a competitive situation can possibly be. It was my goal all along to make people feel good about themselves. Narrowing down the 43,000 to 83 was insanely difficult – there were so many, many talented people who auditioned. Then narrowing down the unique group of 83 to 40 and then ultimately to 29 was again super challenging. When the actual show started shooting, I wanted to have all twelve candidates enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. I wanted them to work hard and I definitely wanted them to learn from all the incredible people they were coming in contact with, but I wanted the twelve to know they were already winners.

What was wonderful is that everyone involved with the production wanted to make a great show, and I know that everyone felt they were involved with something “special”. It was unbelievable working side by side with Zach and Nikki – so fun. I was so fortunate to be associated with such a wonderful group – from the network and studio, to the producers, the entire crew, every single person was so invested – and I think we all feel the same way about the experience. It was special and I anxiously look forward to next season.

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