Samuel on The Glee Project 106

My first reaction to the word “Tenacity” was what the hell does that mean? But as I dug deeper into its meaning I realized that tenacity was something I had been doing since I was a kid.

When it came time for the homework assignment, I was excited. “Bulletproof” by La Roux is one of my favorite songs so I was stoked to sing it, and it’s a great song to be tenacious to, both lyrically and rhythmically.

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This week’s mash-up of “Under Pressure”/”Ice Ice Baby” was sooooo sick, I mean come on, anything with Bowie and Mercury involved is gonna be sick so I was stoked, and the “ice ice” part really summed up our video…

I know the Glee Project isn’t GLEE, but I like to pretend it is for me. I look at this competition in the way I would look at the actual show, in the sense that I need to tackle the task at hand and then gather myself and gear up for the next challenge. “Don’t You Want Me” was super fun, but that wasn’t gonna help me this week, so I had to move on and kill this one.

For me, the choreography was the hardest one yet; you almost can’t really rely on the beat and feel the music – it’s borderline military, and I struggled. But I just did my best and tried to shake off the nerves and give the video my absolute best.

There is no denying how cold and freezing getting slushied over and over again was. I really got worried that I would get sick. But at the same time it was also super fun, it got me pumped and once we got started I didn’t want to stop! I was having a blast, I was pretending that I was on the set of GLEE, and all my worries left me.

This week I learned that tenacity is very important for anyone trying to do what I’m doing. People are always gonna wanna bring you down and you have to push through and conquer.

When I found out I wasn’t in the bottom three… it felt amazing. I was crazy worried because I felt like I messed up on my choreography, and to make it through scratch free was awesome.

I was shocked when Marissa was eliminated. She was the last person in that bottom three that I thought would go, especially since she won two homework assignments in a row. Having worked hand-in-hand with her last week I know how amazing she is and I was sad to see her go. Saying goodbye to her hurt me more than saying goodbye to anyone else.

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