Samuel on The Glee Project 107

I was stoked when I heard what this week’s theme was. Sexuality is very important in life and in music and entertainment; it’s something that every race, and person share and I was excited to dive into it.

Working on “Like a Virgin” was fun. It’s a great song; it has this sort of innocent but not innocent kind of quality. I loved it.

I felt awesome when I won the homework assignment. I have always liked to incorporate sexual themes into my music and performances, so to get recognized for that was awesome.

Working with Mark and Ashley was awesome. They really helped Alex and me understand how to be comfortable sexually with a partner and build chemistry.

Shooting “Teenage Dream” was awesome. Alex is an amazing singer and performer, and he was really fun and respectful to work with.


My main concern working with Alex wasn’t even about how I felt personally. I was more worried about what my mom would think. I will admit that sometimes it was awkward, but I knew that at the end of the day I had a responsibility to follow through and I just looked past the fact that I was with a guy. I played my part.

I felt awesome when I found out I wasn’t in the bottom three. You know, working with Marissa for “Don’t You Want Me” I knew that our on camera chemistry would be there because I could feel that we had that chemistry between us. It was interesting with Alex because we had to create that chemistry because it wasn’t there naturally as it was with Marissa. I wasn’t really sure if it would show that we created it, but making it through straight to the callback list told me that we had, and that felt great.


This week I learned that even though things might be uncomfortable, it’s okay to gather your thoughts and conquer something that you weren’t sure you could.

I was so sad to see my brother Cameron go, but at the end of the day he did what he had to do. I mean, I know a lot of us here would do anything to win this role, and if he didn’t feel like he was willing to go the extra mile then I think it’s honorable and fair that he quit. I’m not worried about Cam, he's gonna make it no matter what.

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