Samuel on The Glee Project 109

I thought this week’s theme of “Generosity” was an appropriate one, because Glee is an ensemble kind of show. You can’t always be in the spotlight. I will admit though that as soon as I heard what this week's theme was I knew without a doubt that Lindsay would win.

I absolutely love Bill Withers to pieces, so I was stoked to sing “Lean On Me”. It was so cool to not only sing lead with three backup singers but to be a backup singer as well. It all felt very 50's doo wop group-like, and I really dug that.

I wasn’t too upset when I didn’t win the homework assignment. Like I said, I knew Lindsay would win, and I was okay with that. I wasn’t hurt or bothered by her win, I saw it coming.

When Nikki surprised us and brought the kids in, my eye went straight to Zander. He had the same vibe as me! I remember the first thing I asked him was what music he liked and he said one of my favorite groups – “Earth Wind & Fire”. I knew we would hit it off. Working with him was so fun and heartfelt. He really looked up to me from the get go. I had always wanted a little brother, so it was fun to pretend like he was. He told me I inspired him and that felt amazing to hear from the coolest little kid! I learned from Zander that it’s okay to be scared and to show it, but conquer it. Showing weakness is okay, because when your strength comes to help you push through it, it really means something.

The music video for “Sing” was super fun. I love the song, though I’m not really one that belts out high notes in front of just anyone, so when Nikki pushed me to it felt great. Getting to show Zander some of my moves and watching him really go for it was amazing. He is a showman like me - I loved to rock out like that when I was his age too, and watching him do it was so cool. We definitely bonded. I helped him get over his fear of cameras :)

I think I had an advantage this week because I play musical instruments. Though I’m least comfortable on the keys, it was still fun, especially since unlike the other three instruments you’re not attached to them, so you can walk away and rock out! I had a blast.

I wasn’t too surprised when I found out that all four of us would be giving a last chance performance, I saw it coming. I was ready to sing again for Ryan, I was in the head space to impress him and show him how much I wanted this. It did make me nervous that Robert and Zach wouldn’t be there judging my performance, but I knew that if I was going to move forward, more pressure and harsh judging were in store for me. I was ready to give it everything I had and personally prove to Ryan and Ian that I belonged on GLEE.

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At first, when I was assigned to sing “My Funny Valentine”, I panicked. It’s a song I’ve never heard before, and it’s a Broadway song, which isn’t what I’m used to singing. But I figured that if Ryan chose this song for me, it was my duty to kill it. My voice felt spent after all the singing I’d already been doing that week, so that certainly added some nerved, but I knew I had to bring it.

After this grueling week, I was convinced that I was going to be the one to go home. When I saw that we were all called back, I knew it was God's biggest way of telling me that I belonged there. I was balling and I was so excited; it showed that both Ian and Ryan liked me if they couldn’t send me home.

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