Glee Recap: Episode 10 A Very Glee Christmas

This holiday episode of Glee opens with Emma trying to get Will into the spirit of the season by inviting him to her and Carl's Christmas Eve party. Will, still stinging from the news of Emma's marriage, is set on spending Christmas alone and declines. Despite his lack of cheer, Will is still required to participate in the faculty Secret Santa. To his dismay, he picks out the name of his least favorite coworker, Sue.

Outside of the staffroom, Artie and Brittany are having a conversation about Santa, and Brittany reveals that she still believes in jolly old Saint Nick. Artie, touched by Brittany's innocent naivety, asks the other glee kids to play along for her sake. They all decide to take Brittany to the mall so that she can talk to her hero, Santa. When it's her turn to sit on his lap, she uses her Christmas wish to ask him to give Artie the ability to walk.

Back in the school auditorium, Rachel tries to win Finn back by creating a winter wonderland for him. However, Finn, still hurt by Rachel's unfaithfulness, walks out on her and she's left singing alone.

Over at Dalton, things are much more cheerful. Blaine asks Kurt to help him rehearse for an upcoming performance, and the two sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

Back at McKinley, some of the teachers realize that they all picked Sue's name for Secret Santa because she rigged the drawing. Instead of giving Sue her presents, they decide to donate them to charity. Sue is angered by the failure of her plan, and a hilarious rendition of "You're a Mean One, Sue the Grinch" ensues. The scene follows Sue in her Grinch costume, complete with green face paint and Becky dressed as Max the dog, stealing Christmas from the glee kids. She takes her presents back and ruins their decorations, until she's spotted by Brittany, who happens to be dressed up as a little girl from Whoville. The Cheerio, still convinced that Santa is real, believes Sue when she tells Brittany that Santa's just fixing a light. Although Sue continues with her plan, it's obvious that she's been touched by Brittany's innocence as well.

Finn refuses to let the stolen decorations and gifts spoil the holiday for himself and his friends, so he sets out with Rachel to buy a new Christmas tree. They sing a duet of Wham's "Last Christmas," and Rachel continues to try to win Finn back. Rachel's efforts are futile, and Finn announces that they're officially broken up.

Artie, still determined to keep Brittany's belief of Santa alive, asks Coach Beiste to dress up as Santa and explain to Brittany that (s)he won't be able to give Artie the ability to walk. The two have a heartwarming conversation, and Coach Beiste tells Brittany that the most important gift she can receive is patience.

Back at McKinley, the glee kids decide to donate their possessions to raise money for charity in light of the stolen presents. They end up singing for the teachers, who donate their own money instead. Sue and Becky step into the staffroom, and at the sight of New Directions cheerfully performing and the teachers selflessly giving, they realize that despite their efforts to ruin things, Christmas is happening anyway. Becky says the scene is beautiful, and Sue agrees.

After their performance, New Directions return to their practice room to find Artie standing up, thanks to a Re-Walk that was found under Brittany's tree. He can now walk using this machine, although only for limited amounts of time. Brittany believes that it was Santa who brought this gift, but we soon see Coach Beiste observing the scene and smiling from a distance.

When Will returns to his home after the day's festivities, he's surprised by Sue. She has not only come over and invited New Directions to keep him company during Christmas, she's also set up a tree and returned her gifts, which were intended for charity. She wouldn't be Sue Sylvester if she didn't take one last jab at Will, though, and she does so by giving him an electric razor as a gift so that he can shave his head and rid himself of that awful hair.

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