Glee Recap: Episode 8 - Furt

Shelly recaps what happened in Episode 8 of Glee.At the beginning of this week's episode, we find out that Burt has proposed to Carol. Kurt is delighted at this news; Finn, not so much. Kurt takes on the task of planning the entire wedding, and one of his biggest responsibilities is to book the band. Of course, he chooses New Directions to perform.

Meanwhile, Karofsky continues to bully Kurt. Rachel, who's had enough of hearing about her friend getting picked on, rallies up the New Directions girls to get their football player boyfriends to stand up for Kurt. When she approaches Finn about this, though, his judgment is clouded by his desire to be popular and he's reluctant to help. Fortunately, Sam, unafraid to defend his gay friend and fellow glee clubber, willingly gets into a fistfight with Dave. He not only becomes the hero of New Directions, this selfless act also helps him win over Quinn. She accepts his promise ring, and the two become McKinley High's newest couple.

On a happier note for Kurt, all of his hard work pays off, and the wedding goes off without a hitch. The glee kids dance down the aisle singing "Marry You" by Bruno Mars, and Burt and Carol share heartwarming vows. Finn, finally realizing his role as Kurt's friend and step-brother, closes the event by dedicating Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are" to Kurt. Overall, it was a very touching ceremony – it's too bad the same can't be said for Sue's wedding.

After an online dating site tells Sue that the only match for her is one Sue Sylvester, she takes its advice and decides to marry herself. Sue's mother, Doris (guest star Carol Burnett), comes to visit for her wedding. If you think Sue's a bully, she's nothing compared to her mother. Sue eventually gets tired of Doris's constant criticism and excuses for why she's been so absent from her and her sister's lives. With Jean beside her, Sue stands up to her mother and uninvites her from the wedding.

Back at McKinley, Sue tries to help Kurt by expelling Karofsky. However, Karofsky is allowed to return and she soon finds out that there isn't much she can actually do to solve the problem. As a form a protest, she resigns from her position, leaving the door open for Figgins to make his return as McKinley High principal.

Even with the success of the wedding, the entire glee club standing behind him, and Sue's attempts to help, Kurt is still upset and feels unwelcome and unsafe at school. Kurt's parents decide to transfer him to Dalton using their honeymoon money to pay for tuition. Changing schools because of one bully doesn't seem like the best solution to me, but let's hope that Blaine is able to help Kurt solve his problem with Karofsky and return to McKinley, where he belongs.
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