Glee Recap: Episode 9 - Special Education

Shelly recaps what happened in Episode 9 of Glee.This weeks episode opens with Will inviting Emma to be his plus one for sectionals. Emma agrees to go, and guesses exactly what Will had planned for the kids to perform. Unsettled by New Directions predictability, Will decides to change things up and chooses Sam and Quinn as the leads and asks Mike and Brittany to showcase their dance moves for sectionals. Rachel, who is so used to being in the spotlight, speaks out against this and drags Finn into the argument as well. Things get heated, and in the midst of it all, Santana reveals to the whole club that she and Finn had slept together the previous year. Drama within the club aside, though, New Directions has a more pressing problem to worry about. With Kurt gone, their group is one member short. Will sends Puck, the most popular guy at school, on a mission to find a replacement. Puck tries recruiting some of his football teammates, but gets bullied by them and ends up locked in a port-a-potty. He spends 24 hours trapped until Lauren Zizes comes to the rescue. Puck tells Lauren about his predicament and she agrees to join the glee club. Meanwhile at Dalton, Kurt is offered an audition for a solo in the Warblers sectionals performance. He soon finds out that the school isnt exactly what he thought it would be and tries to adjust to the new environment. Luckily, Blaine is almost always there by his side to encourage him.Back at McKinley, Emma has to skip out on going to sectionals because of an argument with Carl. We find out that the two recently got married. Will, shocked by the news, doesnt say much and gets on the bus for sectionals.At the theater, The Hipsters start the competition with The Living Years. Then, the Warblers sing a particularly awesome version of Hey Soul Sister - another hit from newcomer Darren Criss (Blaine). In the greenroom, more trouble arises with New Directions. Tina thinks that Mike is cheating on her with Brittany and convinces Artie that this is true. The two of them, along with Rachel, refuse to perform with their supposedly adulterous significant others. Will angrily reprimands them all, and the group gets their act together in time to perform a rendition of The Time of My Life. They end up tying with the Warblers, so well be seeing both groups compete at regionals.After a successful performance, Tina and Mike, and Artie and Brittany make up. At the end of the episode, the two couples are still happily together. Although Finn and Rachel were able to get past the whole Santana thing and make up, Rachel reveals that she had cheated on Finn with Puck while the two were still arguing. Sadly, this pushes Finn over the edge and, heartbroken, he says theyre done for good. The episode ends on a slightly happier note, with Mercedes and Tina finally getting some much-deserved time in the spotlight, singing Florence and the Machines The Dog Days are Over.

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