Aylin on TGP 210: I was excited, but also freaking out!

When I found out the theme of the week was Actability, I was really excited, but also freaking out at the same time! I have no acting experience and everybody else there had acted in the past! However, I do consider myself a triple threat. I've been singing since I can remember and dancing since I was 5. And even though I don't have formal training or experience, I did act in grade school plays, and I’ve always thought that acting was fun. Acting is also involved in all of the music videos, so I think I can do a pretty decent job. 

I was nervous but so excited about the flashcards of emotions challenge during the homework assignment. I love improv games and this was just like that! I was happy with the card I was given. 

I love doing interesting things and I think that my character for the music video was very interesting. Being in a love triangle with two very attractive guys is not what I'm used to, let alone being pregnant! It was definitely a challenge I was willing to take on! I took an improv class in high school so I was very happy we got to improvise our lines. I think that overall, it made our performances very raw. 

Putting on the head scarf was very difficult for me. I have never had to wear a head scarf unless a family member died and we were praying for them. I think it just brought back a lot of sad memories for me. Also, wearing the head scarf made me feel like I wasn't myself. I felt like I was being stripped away of everything that I am. I have absolutely nothing against head scarves and have respect for the women that wear them, but it was very different and eye opening for me. I couldn't stop crying looking at myself in the mirror with it on. It just wasn't me. I wasn’t looking at me. 

When Nikki, Zach, and Robert gave us their speech, I felt like we were at graduation listening to our teachers talk about how much we've all grown. It was very emotional when Robert, Nikki and Zach gave us their final speech. I love all of them and that moment was so beautiful and genuine. 

I loved that everybody was doing a last chance performance. I considered it a gift from the mentors. There was something very comforting about knowing that we are all in this together and all have an equal shot of fighting to get into the finale. 

I thought that I definitely had better last chance performances that this one. I didn't do badly by any means, but it wasn't my best in my opinion. I was happy with it though. But “Fighter” is a hard song with an ungodly amount of lyrics!

I was shocked when both Lily and Michael went home. I was not expecting a double elimination. I adore both of them, so it was really hard saying goodbye. I was sad about them leaving, but so excited about being in the finale. I had made it! One step closer to making my dream come true! Just one more week and I can possibly be in GLEE!! It's crazy to think about, but I'm ready and my head is in the game 150%.

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