Blake on TGP 202: I had NO idea Charlie liked Aylin before we shot this scene!

When Taryn decided to leave the competition I was immediately shocked. Taryn has an AWESOME voice and I couldn't believe she decided to head home. But she had her reasons and we all respected that.

When I found out the theme was "Dance-ability" I was pretty nervous. I think dancing is fun but I was intimidated by all of the other people who had awesome moves. But I was extremely excited when I saw that Samuel Larsen was our guest mentor for the homework assignment. Here's a guy who went through everything we were going through- and won. It was so inspiring. In the end I think we did an awesome job on ‘We Got the Beat.” We had a lot of fun and kept our energy up!

The music video was another story though. I think we all struggled as a whole in this week's choreography because not only was it about dancing by ourselves and letting loose, but it was also dancing together in groups. It was tough because I don't think any of us had done too much dancing to specific choreography as a group before, especially to an up-tempo song.

I was surprised by the kiss with Aylin during the spin the bottle scene. I don't think either of us expected it to become what it did. It definitely opened us to the scene a lot more. I had NO idea Charlie liked Aylin before we shot this scene!

I was SHOCKED when I found out Dani was not called back. It was insane! She has had so much experience singing. She has a lot of fans and a lot of people who love her and her music! I could not believe it at ALL!!!

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