Blake on TGP 204: What makes a performer sexy is confidence.

When we found out the theme of the week was "Sexuality," we were all REALLY excited to work together and portray the theme in the song and music video. We were eager to see what challenges were ahead! When I found out that Naya was going to be our guest mentor, I knew she was the PERFECT person. Her character definitely screams sexuality on GLEE.

I think what makes a performer sexy is definitely having confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. I think those things are huge parts of being sexy in my opinion. I did my best to be confident and trust myself while shooting the video. I just had fun and tried to live in all of the scenes that were happening. I was pretty happy with the way everything went. Even though Nellie was initially really nervous about her dance moves, I thought she was AMAZING. She was so awesome in the video and conquered it like CRAZY!

I could not believe Tyler went home. We all had grown so close to each other and could not see ourselves without a single person. Seeing Tyler go was both insane and a shock.

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