Blake on TGP 207: We were feeling really positive.

When we found out that it was Theatricality week I was very excited! We were all so eager to find out what we would be doing during the week!

I was extremely excited to see Grant Gustin walk through the door before the homework assignment performance. He is a GREAT character on GLEE and an AWESOME singer. It was great to hear his advice.

When I found out I would be playing Boy George in the music video I was so excited. I love acting and it is so much fun to play a character that has such an awesome and unique personality. I was definitely always keeping in mind that Zach wanted our performance to be so much better than Dance-ability week. I think we were all nervous but really determined to make him happy, and I think we all were very happy with the way we did in the music video as a whole. We all did our best to work together in a great way. We were feeling really positive about it!

I felt so lucky and blessed to be called back for the week. When you are standing there while getting feedback and hoping for the best, it is such a relief to hear that you are called back. I was so grateful. But I was extremely sad to see Nellie go home. She had become one of my best friends on the show and she is a one in a million kind of person.

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