Dani on TGP 201: I went in with the mindset to expect the unexpected.

When I first came to The Glee Project house, my immediate impression of the other contenders was that they were all really sweet.  There were several people who I recognized from callbacks, which was very exciting.  I had no idea what to expect in terms of how they would be as competitors though. 

I was sort of indifferent when I found out that there would be 14 contenders instead of 12…  I went in with the mindset to expect the unexpected so I just embraced it, and didn't let it distract me!

I don't really get star struck for many people, because I feel like they are just humans too, so I wasn’t too nervous in front of Lea, Robert, and Ryan. I do wish I had been more selective with the lyrics I chose, however.  All in all, I feel like my performance was pretty good, considering I felt way out of my element.

Zach and Brooke were awesome to work with during our first choreography session for the music video.  I was so excited that I was actually GETTING the dance steps so it was an added bonus when we were all able to joke around a lot while learning them. It was a lot of fun.

Recording with Nikki in the studio for the first time was quick and painless!  I was happy to have nailed my first session with her, and was glad I got to improvise a bit as well.

I was stoked about the music video, especially the "rock and roll" portion of it! Couldn't wait to get all decked out with the rest of the cast, and show the mentors what we came to do!  I was happy and proud to have that dance under wraps because choreography has been difficult for me for as long as I can remember.  I felt like I did really well in the music video, and felt confident that I had shown I deserved to stay another week.

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