Lily Mae on TGP 204: We were emotionally drained.

The whole house was looking forward to Sexuality week from the beginning. After Vulnerability, we were all emotionally drained so we were excited to have some fun! We knew that doing an a capella song for the homework assignment would be difficult, but we were hoping we could pull it off and still keep our sex appeal.

We were all wondering who the guest mentor would be. Of course we all wanted our different favorite hotties to show up, but we all knew it would be Naya. And for good reason- she is a total sex kitten! Naya pulls off sexy because she is confident and knows what he wants. That is what makes a performer sexy.

I knew the spotlight would be on Aylin this week because of her whole "I'm a sexy Muslim girl" thing. In a way she was my biggest competition, but that also could have been a bad thing for her. If she didn't live up to the mentors’ expectations or was pushing too hard, it would be very apparent because all eyes were on her. I was really trying not to think about that. I knew I just had to do me, because I knew if I was comfortable in my ability to be sexy then I would be. 

I had SO MUCH FUN at this music video shoot! I loved how everyone was on set together the whole time. It was more like theatre to me because there was a constant story going on and it wasn't all broken up throughout the day.  I had Blake Jenner as my partner so it was not hard to flirt with him all day... because I do that anyway! This was just an excuse for me to sexually put on lip gloss in front of him 72 times! It was awesome haha.

It felt amazing to get good feedback this week and not be in the bottom! I know I gave Aylin a hard time for her happy dance week 2, but now I get it. So... my bad Aylin. Zach said it looked like I had a secret in my eyes the whole time and that’s exactly what they wanted. What was my secret you ask? ...I WILL NEVER TELL!

Saying good-bye to Tyler really sucked. I don't really know what else to say. It always sucks to say goodbye to anyone in the house because we all get so close.

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