Lily on TGP 202: I was hoping that I could glide by during Dance-ability week.

When Robert told us that Taryn decided to leave, I was pretty shocked. This is an incredible opportunity but she did the right thing. She is such a talent! And I hope that she goes far! 

I don't consider myself a dancer, I consider myself "a mover." Other than the musical theatre shows I was in and my zumba class I didn't really have much dance experience, but I was hoping that I could glide by during Dance-ability week.

I'm a big Samuel Larsen fan but I never really expected him to be our mentor that week! I was pretty shocked. But he was so chill and awesome! I had a lot of fun with this homework assignment. I love the attitude that was put into "We Got the Beat.” It was a lot of fun to choreograph but also very stressful because we knew it had to be really good considering the theme.

Choreography for the music video with Zach this week was interesting to say the least. None of us are considered dancers first but we were still critiqued at a pretty high level. Zach kept telling me to be more grounded but it’s difficult because every move I make my my body shakes and bounces! Hahahahahaha. I got a lotta jiggle! I worked for a really long time with Abraham, Aylin and Charlie. We wanted to make sure that our group was all in sync. But that's pretty hard when you have 4 people who have COMPLETELY different heights and body types. We all knew we were in for a LONG video shoot.

I was pretty psyched when I was chosen for the spin the bottle scene because I am completely comfortable with kissing in front of people. I've had to do it on stage many times. And I know I’m a good kisser :) Haha! Blake and Aylin really pushed the limits in spin the bottle, to say the least. After everyone saw that kiss we knew we had to step it up. So we all just kept one-upping each other so every kiss was raunchier and RAUNCHIER. I never got to see Charlie's reaction to Blake and Aylin's kiss, but Charlie's reaction to Aylin kissing him was HYSTERICAL. He was like a little kid on Christmas.

After shooting the music video, waiting for feedback from the mentors is so stressful. I felt like I was about to puke. And because we were in the little world of The Glee Project, emotions were 10 times as crazy as they would normally be in the real world. So when Zach and I had a pretty intense back and forth, my emotions and reactions were definitely heightened. I thought I was defending myself for somewhat, at least I thought then, good reasons. But looking back, I was VERY defensive. I usually have a problem with people understanding where I'm coming from and why I am so passionate. This was a perfect example of that. I just kept diggin' myself deeper into a hole… Over and over and over.

If you had told me before feedback that I was in the bottom three I don't know if I would have believed it. But after hearing what the mentors had to say I completely understand why I was chosen to do a last chance performance. I was surprised to hear that I was singing "Man I Feel like a Woman.” Don't get me wrong, I love to jam to that song in the car, and Shania's got major TUDE and I love it. I just really wanted a musical theatre song because that is my specialty and the last chance performances are supposed to be your time to shine and show your stuff. But I was ready to take on the challenge of a country pop song!

I felt pretty confident with my performance of the song. I knew I had fun and sang the pants off of it. Standing up there and getting feedback from the mentors was really hard. I felt like I was on display. I felt like all of my flaws were just coming to the surface and Ryan had no problem pointing them out. I honestly was expecting to go home. The feedback I got from Ryan didn't really sit well with me. I felt like I didn't really have closure on the conversation and that ultimately would mean my elimination.  I cried the whole way from the stage back to the house. 

When I found out Dani was eliminated I was shocked. I really didn't feel like she ever got a chance to do what she could really do. She is so talented! And I know she will do amazing things!



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