Michael on TGP 208: All you have to do is never give up.

When I found out that the theme for the week was Tenacity, I was determined to show Ryan and the mentors that I could be tenacious in every aspect of my performance. I feel like tenacity is an easy one to pinpoint, since all you have to do is never give up. But I knew that this week would push me to my limits in seeing how far I was willing to go to succeed.

I was so excited to see Amber Riley walk through those doors before the homework assignment. She has one of the most incredible voices on GLEE and her character is awesome. She’s the embodiment of tenacity, since she was willing to come be a guest mentor and stand through our performance even though she had stress fractures in both her feet. Talk about commitment.

I feel like there’s always room for improvement, especially with my homework assignment performances. This one wasn’t especially impressive, but it wasn’t a train wreck either. Amber's note was helpful for me.

I feel like I continue to improve week after week, and one of the areas where this is more noticeable is the booth. I’m still not comfortable in the booth, but I’m learning to have a good time and relax. There’s still a long way to go. This week in particular was pretty tricky because the line was really high and I couldn’t hit it in the booth. I was frustrated with myself because I had practiced it and got it before, but couldn’t nail it when it came time to record.

I think the main reason that the jump-rope group had so much trouble was that none of us had ever done double-dutch before and we weren’t taught how to do it. Learning it on our own was tricky and we had the pressure not to mess up otherwise we’d have to start again. It was the only part where four of us had to do some activity together and we all had to rely on each other. We could have been more focused and determined, but I think we did a pretty good job notwithstanding.

I had an incredible time on set for this music video. It was definitely a good workout and there was plenty of intensity to go around. I definitely drew from my years of soccer experience in order to keep pushing as the takes grew into the double digits. It was such a cool concept for a video though, so that kept me going. By the end, all of the crew was so into the video that it felt more like a sporting event than a set! Their support helped make it possible.

Except for jumping rope, I’m very pleased with my music video performance. I gave 100% the entire time and did my best to be a team player. I had a blast, so that generally means the product turned out okay.

I wasn’t surprised to be in the bottom three. Everybody did such a good job on set, so the jump roping part definitely stuck out. I also struggled in the studio this week, so I thought it was fair I should do a last chance performance.

I was happy with my last chance performance until I found out that I completely misinterpreted the song in a very embarrassing and inconsiderate way. In my defense, I only had two verses to the song and neither one of them were very indicative of the subject matter. I went down a different, albeit very metaphoric route, and it definitely got a laugh out of Ryan and the mentors. But the performance itself was fine and I didn’t forget the words!

I was really bummed that Abraham was going home. He was such an essential part of my Glee Project experience and it seemed bizarre that he wouldn’t live with us anymore. I knew his presence would be sorely missed.

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