The Next Big Thing: NY 101 Recap: Showtime at the Apollo!

By Oxygen

Trapper Felides is one of New York’s top performance coaches. He is sassy and honest, and he knows exactly how to showcase his client’s best talents. His clients are up-and-coming performers who are all very different but have two very important similarities: they are super talented and SUPER ambitious! Trapper works hard to help these kids succeed and to give them access to all of the best opportunities in show business. Sometimes he bites off a little more than he can chew but hey, that’s what assistants are for, right?

The episode opens with Trapper announcing to his assistant, Tracy, and producer, Baby T, that there is an opening at Amateur Night at the Apollo. The Apollo would be a fabulous place for his clients to showcase their talent- plus, a certain big-time music producer, Tim Convy, will be in the audience! Trapper has been trying to get his clients to catch his attention for years. Tracy and Baby T think it sounds like a great opportunity... until Trapper mentions the competition is only three days away.

Trapper ignores the warnings and worries of Tracy and Baby T. He has made up his mind and he will not waive for anyone! He tells Tracy and Baby T to “make it work,” and he goes to get lunch with his best friend, Badiene.

Badiene is a vocal coach with a big personality, and she and Trapper are the perfect pair! He tells her about his newest business venture: he wants to expand his power and reputation into the pop world! Sounds pretty ambitious but he’s gotten this far, right?

Later, Trapper calls some of his favorite clients to a meeting in his rehearsal studio but doesn’t tell them why. All of his biggest stars are there: Rachel Filsoof (his rocker chick), Alexis Molnar (his girl-next-door), Sam Fly (his soon-to-be pop sensation), Isabela Moner (his commercial-booker) and Cat Missal (his Broadway girl), to name a few. He tells the kids to take a seat because he has a big announcement for them!

Meanwhile, Tracy bails on Trapper and the kids to attend an audition of her own. Tracy is a struggling actress and needs to take every chance at fame she can get! The audition goes well but she has to race back to Trapper’s studio immediately.

Back at the rehearsal studio, Trapper gives the big news: he snagged the kids a spot at Amateur Night at the Apollo! The kids are super excited. They know this is a once in a lifetime occasion. Oh, but Trapper adds one small catch: he can only take about half of the group.

Trapper has decided to take either the older kids or the younger kids, so he has both groups audition for him right then and there. The younger group begins to sing and they impress Trapper so much that he actually stops playing piano to praise them! He tells Rachel and Sam that if the younger kids keep up their good work, they will be old news! Needless to say, this does NOT amuse the older girls.

After listening to both groups, Trapper makes his decision. The younger kids will be going to the Apollo! The little ones are stoked but his older clients are less than thriller. But Trapper doesn’t care and sends them out of the studio. He needs to rehearse!

Minutes into the rehearsal, Tracy gets a phone call from Cat’s mom. Cat has an audition and needs to leave. Trapper almost throws a fit, but stops himself. It’s not Cat’s fault that she’s talented! Still, Trapper built the whole routine around her and Isabella; he hopes she’ll be able to catch up with the group later!

Trapper continues to rehearse with the young kids. At the end of the rehearsal, Trapper pulls Tracy aside and tells her she is NOT allowed to miss rehearsals anymore- her current job has to come before her dream job, especially with only two more days until the Apollo show!

The next day, Trapper takes a break from rehearsing with his younger clients to help Rachel prepare for a super big audition. Rachel is auditioning to sing with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Paul Hampton! It’s a really great opportunity for her, but Trapper thinks that she needs to tone down her style if the girl Paul Hampton is looking for is a “fresh-faced teen.” Rachel asks if Trapper is implying that she dresses like a “slut” and says that she dresses just like her mother. (Who’s sitting nearby and dressed in matching head-to-toe black like Rachel.) Trapper, of course, tells it like it is: “If the knee-high boot fits…” Ouch!

Tracy and Baby T go on a coffee date and talk about how difficult it is working with Trapper. Talented as he is, Trapper is extremely unorganized and irrational-which is a challenging combination of traits for a boss to have! Good thing Tracy and Baby T have each other!

Next, Rachel and her mom head to Rachel’s audition. Rachel reluctantly followed Trapper’s advice and wore a jean jacket, dressing “like a three year old.” Are three year olds wearing black mini dresses these days!? My how times have changed… Rachel is initially super nervous for her audition, but she handles it like a pro and feels confident when she leaves!

It’s the last night of rehearsal before the show and, to Trapper’s horror, Cat is at a callback. How will Cat be able to catch up with the rest of the group if she has less than ONE DAY’S rehearsal?!

But nothing compares to the panic Trapper feels the next day at the Apollo. Guess who isn’t there this time? No, not CatIsabella! Turns out she’s shooting a commercial, and her mom has no idea when they’ll be done. Uh, not good! Trapper tries to forget about the Isabella situation as he TEACHES Cat her stage directions (just hours before she performs!), but in the back of his mind he knows he’s in trouble. He should have listened to Tracy and picked understudies for both girls.

It’s getting down to the wire and just minutes before going on stage, a miracle happens: Isabella arrives! Trapper tells her to never book another commercial again and rushes her to the rest of the group.

The performance goes great. Everyone is shocked and can’t believe how well everything goes considering the amount of rehearsal time the kids had. Even though the kids didn’t win the competition (first place went to a five-year-old rapper in bedazzled flip-flops- that’s showbiz for you), they still accomplished Trapper’s goal. After the show, Tim Convy approaches Trapper and asks about Cat! Is a new business partnership in the works? Seems like it!

After the show, Trapper gets some news: Rachel booked the Paul Hampton gig! Guess his advice to dress-down her look really worked! Good job, Trapper!

Will Cat get a shot at the pop star world? How will Rachel’s performance with Paul Hampton go? Tune in next week!

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