The Next Big Thing NY 103 Recap: Not So Sweet 17

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Missed the third episode of The Next Big Thing: NY? Get caught up here with our recap ofNot So Sweet 17!”

Last time, the show left off with Rachel's high-society mother deciding that Rachel needs the biggest and best party to celebrate her seventeenth birthday. And who better to plan such a party than Trapper Felides? Only one problem: she wants Trapper to incorporate Rachel's girl group into the event. Trapper, of course, has never been one to keep his opinions to himself and tells Rachel's mom that the girls just aren’t ready. However, he doesn’t want to make Rachel's mom unhappy, so he accepts the challenge to coach Rachel and her friends!

When Trapper, Tracy, and Baby T go to check out the venue that Rachel's mom selected, they are in awe. The place is decorated like an adult lounge- complete with stripper poles! Trapper and Tracy love it, but Baby T thinks it’s TOTALLY inappropriate for a teenager! Trapper puts Tracy and Baby T in charge of the nitty-gritty party details, and dedicates his own time to working with Rachel and her girl group. Tracy and Baby T aren’t exactly party planners… Will they be able to get organized and get everything done in time?

Trapper takes a break from Rachel's party drama to meet with his other client, Sam. Sam is a rising star, but her two hour commute to the city is making things difficult for her. When she meets with Trapper, she is so tired and unrehearsed that her voice constantly cracks as she sings. Trapper is OVER her- she needs to get her act together and move to New York or she will never succeed! (His words, not mine!)

Trapper meets with Rachel's girl group and is NOT impressed. The girls are too focused on being sexy and it just looks all wrong! But after applying some constructive criticism from Trapper, the girls manage to end the rehearsal sounding semi-decent. Rachel's friends leave the studio and Rachel works one-on-one with Trapper.

Trapper has a surprise for Rachel: he asked Connor (the boy Rachel has a SUPER big crush on!) to perform a duet with her at her party! Rachel is ecstatic and can barely contain herself. Connor has NO idea that she likes him, but admits to the cameras that he thinks she’s hot. Could a romance for the two be on the horizon?

Rachel's mom told Tracy and Baby T that she wanted sexy, shirtless men to be the waiters at Rachel's party, so Tracy and Baby T, of course, hold sexy men auditions! They both have a lot of fun watching the boys do push-ups and flips. They end up with a great turn out, and hiring some awesome guys! Unfortunately, after having their fun searching for waiters the real worked kicked in: it’s Tracy and Baby T's job to make the gift bags for Rachel's friends. Well, it’s Baby T's job. Tracy forgot that she promised to go dress shopping with Rachel and Alexis! Baby T is not happy with Tracy, but Tracy knows he will forgive her.

Meanwhile, Trapper goes with his best friend, Badiene, to get his armpits Botox-ed. He is TIRED of sweating so much every day! It hurts, but pain is beauty!

Tracy and the girls have a great time dress shopping. The store they go to “looks like a bedazzler threw up,” and Tracy and Rachel could not love it more! Alexis on the other hand… Not so much. Rachel finds the perfect dress, but Alexis leaves the store with just an embarrassing picture of her looking like a cupcake.

When Trapper gets to the party, he is blown away. Everything looks GREAT! Tracy and Baby T did an awesome job as event planners. Even though Baby T isn’t thrilled with the party theme (which seems to be sexy men and stripper poles), he admits that the venue looks awesome.

When Rachel and Connor sing their duet, the crowd is completely enthralled. The two of them sound great together! And everyone gasps when the song finishes and Connor kisses Rachel. What an awesome birthday present! Then, the girl group gets up and sings… And to everyone’s surprise, they sound GOOD! The girls completely took Trapper's advice (to tone down their look and moves) to heart, and it TOTALLY paid off.

The party was a success and everyone is thrilled. Trapper, Tracy, and Baby T are all super happy to have pleased Rachel and her mom.

Of course, Trapper's work is never done- he still has other clients to cater to and worry about! What’s Trapper got up his sleeves next? Tune in next Wednesday at 7/6C to find out!

For more of The Next Big Thing: NY, watch bonus videos from this week’s episode here.

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