Watch The Music Video The Elites Made As An Homage To Beyonce

Queen B, you watching?

For The Prancing Elites Project Season 2 finale, the crew flew to Los Angeles to take their game to the next level with choreographer/creative director Alan “Phlex” Kirk, who has worked with a who’s who of A-List talent, including Beyonce, Britney Spears and JLO
In the episode you saw them working on a video for “Wore Ya Down,” directed by Nayip Ramos, and we’re happy to present the full version online! As you may know, the Elites are addicted to all things Beyonce. In fact, the video is an homage to Queen B. It includes a single ladies parody with Michell'e, a transgender Beyonce impersonator who is well known is the LGBTQ community. Also, the Elites are backed up by three of Beyonce's most recognized dancers; James Aslop, Larke Hasstedt and Aisha Francis.
“Wore Ya Down” showcases the Elites strengths and talents as individuals, while showing the importance of being a group and working together, an overall theme addressed in Season 2. The message is to always be your authentic self, no matter who stands in your way, or who tries to "Wore ya Down."
To drive the point home, the video incorporates Cool Aid the Clown and his inner city youth dancers from the Coolaid the Clown Foundation—a non profit organization whose mission is to create a safe haven for at risk youth through dance. In the video the crumping clown kids wear shirts that say "Make it through hate, you can be great," which is a mantra the Prancing Elites live by. They hope this fun and playful video will spread their message to the masses. 
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