Lexie on Episode 3: Vegas Virgin

Um, going to Vegas with Paris and the girls was an experience. Never really having been to the city of sin without some form of parental supervision be it fraternal, maternal, or the hierarchy, I knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience, and I was right.

I ended up choosing a female strip club for Jen's birthday, which, I know, is a little ludicrous some might say, but I found it to be humorous. There wouldn't have been anything funny or ironic about going to "Thunder Down Under" or that Chipmunk thing. I thought female acrobatic strippers equals hysteria.

I expected everyone to be a little shocked but I did not expect to be thrust onto a pole, no pun intended. However, my years of dance helped me in the task and if I ever forget my morals, more so than I already have, I can change my name to Champagne and permanently condemn myself to a lifetime on a pole at the Spearmint Rhino.

On another note, going sky diving was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, making me face my inner Evel Knievel and giving me the kind of rush I only felt when I was five and everything was new and exciting.

Check out photos from our adventure in Vegas here!

While all this was going on, I was having problems with my boyfriend. And let’s be honest, who isn't upset when they're having relationship issues? They make it hard to think about anything else, to focus. We become anxious and feel like our world is quickly ripping from the seams and falling to the floor. The thought that the man I was so in love with, the man I wanted to give everything to, the man I adored, didn't really love me back, not the way I thought and that was soul crushing. But I had a job to do and I had the night off, so I wanted to try and forget about the fact that my entire relationship was going up in flames while I partied with Paris Hilton in Viva Las Vegas.

So when we went out, I went all out! More than I usually ever do, unless I'm playing pool, because the drunker I am, the better I get. So after many, many, many, many drinks, I met a girl who was from my hometown and she was nice and funny. We talked and hung out and she kissed me. I told her it was nice but I that preferred the company of gentleman (wow, that makes me sound like a southern whore circa the Civil War). So what? I kissed a girl! Not a big deal. Let’s all just move on.

Now what happened in that very confined space the general public calls an elevator and I personally call hell confuses me a little bit. I was very intoxicated due to multiple shots of Patron with pineapple juice for a chaser, so I don't really recall what started the argument between me and Allison. As far as the actual fight itself goes, I was of course a little hurt and offended, especially because I thought that Allison and I hung out and connected a bit. At the end of the day things happen, people get drunk, and arguments start up for no good reason. Now there is no need to speak of this negativity anymore. We have to remember that like breeds like, and positive energy is the vessel to being happy. I sound like one of those crazy yoga instructors who wear a bindi and a smock but actually comes from Wisconsin. The point is that I think we should all focus on the good and be as forgiving and accepting as possible.

See what Allison had to say about the fight here.

For instance, I thought it was so nice when Paris told me that she thought of me as a little sister, because I knew she must have meant it. After all, that was a huge blowout between me and her best friend! And she didn't fire me, she didn't even reprimand me, she gave me a hug and told me something nice. What more could someone want from their boss?

In terms of how this trip made me feel about being a part of Paris' "group" of friends, the answer is simple. I am her assistant and her friend. I have no issues with the people who are closest to her, but I don't look at them as a group, I look at them as individuals. So maybe one person has a problem with another. This does not mean that person has a problem with everyone. Issues should be segregated, not distributed by association, and I really think everyone in this world just needs to chill out and be normal. Just appreciate the things you have, live with integrity, treat people the way you want to be treated, and understand that everyone is made up of many stories, most of which you haven't heard. So be understanding that it might be sadder than your stories and be accepting that at this point in time they are the best person they can be. Just know that you will change them, so do your best to make it for the better.

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