Paris on Episode 3: Vegas Virgin

When I realized that Brooke being in rehab meant she wouldn’t be going to Vegas with us for Jen’s birthday I was a little upset. I really wanted her to be able to go and have a good time.

But obviously her getting sober is way more important than a weekend in Vegas, and I fully support her. There will be other chances when she gets out of rehab and has her life together.

We had a really great time in Vegas, though it certainly was interesting at times. When I asked Lexie to plan a night out for the girls, I was not expecting to be taken to a strip club, let alone one filled with women strippers. But I’ll be honest; I did think Lexie’s performance on the pole was pretty hilarious.

Unfortunately, that night was not exactly the girls’ night I thought it would be. Cy would not stop calling and texting me. He was so jealous that other guys might be hitting on me that we had to leave the club. I felt like I had spoiled the fun on that night when I decided it would be best to go home.

The next night, when Cy showed up at the hotel unannounced, it really showed me that he didn’t trust me. It really upset me. It made me wonder if this whole relationship is worth it.

Even though I was pretty angry that he would just show up like that, I decided to play nice. I didn’t want to start a fight. This weekend was not about me, it was about Jen having fun with her girls. I just wanted him to leave and give me some space to think. Needless to say our relationship has gotten just a little complicated. Sometimes we’re great, and I’m sure he could be the one. Other times, I’m not sure I can handle being with someone who distrusts me that much in the long run.

The drama with Cy really consumed me during my time in Vegas, but I did manage to have some fun with the girls. As a big surprise for Jen’s birthday, I took the girls skydiving. Allison and Brooke decided to stay behind, so Lexie, Jen, and I took to the sky. I decided to do this for her because I thought it would be the perfect chance to just forget about everything and have the ride of our lives. It was an amazing experience and I love an adrenaline rush.

Check out more pictures of our adventures in Vegas here.

Speaking of Allison…so much for that “Let It Be” tattoo. She got it to remind herself to let things go and enjoy life even more. I’m not really sure she took her own advice to heart when she was flipping out on Lexie. Lexie may not be the best assistant yet, but she’s still learning and means well. I didn’t stand up for her initially when Allison was yelling at her because I thought she could handle herself. If she’s going to be my assistant, she’s going to have to get used to my friends, including Allison. But Allison took it a little too far. That’s when I had to say something. Hopefully we can just forget about this and move on when we get back to LA.

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