A Chat with Shanice: "Why Wait For Something Right In Front of You?"

By Lauren Zupkus

On Oxygen's new series Too Young to Marry? we meet young couples who are eager to tie the knot early in life. Shanice and Bradley are two students at the University of Southern Mississippi who want their marriage certificate before they get their diplomas, despite their families' disapproval. In this Q&A, we chat with Shanice about why she can't wait to walk down the aisle. Watch Shanice and Bradley's story unfold on Too Young to Marry?, starting Wednesday September 11 at 10/9c. 

What made you want to be on Too Young to Marry?

When I was little, I always wondered if I was going to be on TV. I never knew that I would be on a reality show! It was an opportunity that I was not going to pass by because Bradley and I have a unique story and we want the world to know about it.

What made you want to marry Bradley right away?

Men like Bradley are rare. He is a man with a great intellectual mind, hard work ethic, and not to mention very handsome. His features are not the reason why I want to marry him right away. It is his heart because of the love that he has given me over the past years. He has helped me when I was down and has kept me up ever since. I want to marry Bradley because he makes me happy, he is more mature than most guys his age, and why wait to have something when it is right there in front of you?

What are some reasons why you and Bradley are a good match?

Bradley and I are the same person. We are both ambitious, friendly, funny, smart, and mature. We both struggled and went through hard times growing up and so we view the world in the same way. When we are together we are lovers and best friends, and that is what makes a great couple.

'Too Young to Marry?' starts Wednesday September 11 at 10/9c. 


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