Catch Up with Nick & Cailyn! (Q&A + PHOTOS)

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The finale of Too Young to Marry? sure was dramatic last night! In an intense, tear-filled evening that ultimately involved the cops, Nick had to choose between his mother and his fiancee, Cailyn. Nick chose to spend the evening at his mother's house, but the couple ultimately got engaged anyway...and guess what, they eloped! We caught up with Nick and Cailyn in separate Q&As. Scroll down to see how the couple has been doing! 

What made you want to be on ‘Too Young to Marry?’

Cailyn: I wanted to share with everyone the different moments in not just a young relationship but in any relationship. Of course there are the good moments and of course bad, but it isn't about dwelling on the bad it's about keep moving forward in the relationship. I want to show people that it doesn't matter what age you are love is love and we all go through the same things throughout our relationships no matter what age we are.

Nick: I wanted to share my wedding with the world. 

What is your relationship status today? 

Cailyn: We actually married two weeks ago at the Justice of the Peace. We didn’t let anyone know; we knew his mom wouldn’t approve. We plan on doing an official ceremony in January though. It's absolutely great, we finally worked through everything. It's more like its either people accept us or they don't. We're happy and are moving forward with our lives as one.

Nick: Things are better than ever, I love being married.

Are you planning on inviting Nick’s mother to the ceremony?

Cailyn: Yes.

What made you want to get married so soon?

Cailyn: I wanted to get married soon because I know I will spend the rest of my life with Nicholas and thought why not get married. I knew it was a great choice for us, I mean we have been living with each other for a while. Plus I didn’t want to keep continuing to commit sin. I was very religious at one point in my life.

Nick:  I have strong feelings for her and somehow deep down I know I'm going to be with her for the rest of my life.

What are some reasons why you and Nick are a good match?

Cailyn: Like I said opposites attract, don't get me wrong we have a lot in common but there's a lot we don't as well. He's quiet and never liked to party and stuff, I on other hand am very blunt and outspoken, and I've partied  a nice time in my life. But I know we're a great match because we work through all of our problems, even if it seems like the end of the world. 

Nick: I feel like opposites attract and outside of the arguing we think about a lot of things the same way.

How is your relationship with Nick's mother now?

Cailyn: I really don't talk to her. She has done a lot of sh**I just can't get over. 

Nick: We're okay but I don't have to depend on her anymore. But she calls from time to time.

What about your relationship with Nick's family? 

Cailyn: Still awkward. I still pretty much keep that distance.

Do you think your relationship between your Nick's mother and you will ever change?

Cailyn: I really don't know. I know in my heart I have to forgive her to move on with my life, but it's hard. I've been through a lot and forgiveness doesn't come easy from me especially when you're not sorry and genuine about being sorry.

What are you up to now? Plans for the future?

Cailyn: I'm doing music and working on my clothing line. Mainly my clothing line. 

Nick: I'm taking my time to create new sounds and eventually create an entire album strictly by myself. Eventually I would like to move on and work with inspiring musicians like T.I. , Miley Cyrus, Big Sean, Frank Ocean, and etc. 

What about Jellybean?

Cailyn: Jellybean’s in good care… he lives with us at my uncle’s house. There’s a backyard for him to play in. 


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