Too Young To Marry: The Playlist, Part 4!

By Oxygen

From The Beatles to Taylor Swift, youth and love have been a constant topic in pop music. Every week, we'll add songs tackling this subject to our Too Young To Marry playlist on Spotify. 

Tegan and Sara, "Nineteen"
We aren't sure what "Nineteen" is all about. But it sure feels raw and powerful, boasting some mean guitar strumming and forlorn vocals. In an interview, Tegan hints the song describes herself at 26 years old falling in love like she did when she was 19. Yeah, we've all been there. 
Bow Wow, "Puppy Love"
Beware, ladies. In "Puppy Love," a 13-year-old Bow Wow warns: "This pup's off the chains." And while he may wow you with his rap skills, shopping excursions and a trip to Six Flags, he's "just too young to get down like that." But don't worry, you still have a shot... "Hope to God you see me again, when I'm grown."
For the Foxes, "Kids Too Young"
For the Foxes' "Kids Too Young" has a litany of cliche lyrics that border on being non-sensical. The song is about "kids too young" having a "love that's in our blood" and running "through city streets hot like guns." Whatever. At least the beat of this flossy pop creation is accessible and catchy. 
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