Now it was in her hands.

By permanenteditor
Bill and I felt this week's blog would be most appropriately written by me, Guncle Scout, since I was closer to the situation at hand... the big birthday invite delivery. Tori and Dean had been discussing for quite some time about "CandyGram's" invite to Stella's 1st birthday party. Should they invite her or not? She is Stella's grandma and family, although she's never met Stella. Would she even come? After all, she didn't come to Liam's 1st birthday party. Regardless of what you've read online, in magazines or have heard "reported" on entertainment news shows, you can't believe everything that you read or that someone says is the "truth."There's nothing Bill and I wanted more than to see Candy at Stella's birthday. A beautiful memory of a day spent with grandma for Stella to cherish when looking back at her photos years later. Also, I know that nothing would make Tori happier than seeing her mom sharing the momentous day with her kids. So, when Tori mentioned her mom's invite and that she was nervous about her mom actually receiving it, I felt that the only way to truly know it arrived was to take it over to "The Manor" personally. On the drive over to make the delivery, I became extremely nervous wondering what possible scenarios could arise. Who would answer the buzzer or would they just not answer at all? Would someone tell me to go away? Would she come out and greet me herself... and if so... what would I say? The nervous energy rose as I drove down and approached the house. Upon arriving and meeting the extremely nice security guard, passing off the invite was a triumph. I could rest easy. Now it was in her hands. What will "CandyGram" decide? Then the RSVP came in... "YES"!!!!
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