Patsy leaving was a heartbreaker.

By permanenteditor
I still can't believe Stella is 1 !!! It was just yesterday she was born. Now she walks, talks and uses the potty!! Yes, I said uses the potty. She's a genius. . . A gorgeous little genius. She'll be driving by age 2. Patsy leaving was a heartbreaker. She has become such an important part of this family. It's like having a friend, sister, mom, and grandma all in one. We love her so much!!! We're going to have to make another baby real soon. We miss our Patsy. Having uncle Dan, Elizabeth, and my sister and brother-in-law stay at the house with us reminded me of growing up. We always had a full house. Not enough room, but lots of fun and love. It made me really miss my mom, dad and sisters. We'll just have to keep throwing parties and having sleep overs to get our family fix.Seeing my sister Dale and brother-in-law Stuart is always great !! I miss my family so much and any time we get to spend together is precious. Now I just have to get my sisters Dana and Dawn to visit. Maybe a big family reunion in L.A. would be a good idea. As a husband, I have to support my wife's wishes to invite her mom to Stella's birthday party whether I like the idea or not. It's my job to protect my wife from getting hurt, and there has been a history of getting hurt when it comes to T's mom. I just have to be there for her no matter what.
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