Stella's Applenana Mangado Surprise!

STELLA'S APPLENANA MANGADO SURPRISE! Ingredients:1 apple1/2 mango1 banana1/2 an avocadoPrep:Peel all above.Steam apple in small amount of water. Save water when done.Cut banana into slices.cut mango into small pieces.Cut apple into small pieces.Cut avocado into small slices.In blender:Puree all with little water. Be careful. The consistency stays thick enough so add little drops of water at a time until you achieve a thick, smooth consistency. You don't want it too thick but you don't want it too watery either. It's a meal not a smoothie! Add more or less of above fruit depending on taste. Moms have the best instinct and know what their babes will love!! Refrigerate and freeze leftovers! Enjoy! Tori xoxo

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