Thank you, Tori!

Tori and Dean gave us the most amazing gift by throwing us a beautiful commitment ceremony. It was beyond anything we ever imagined! Although we've been together for well over 7 years, as you all know thanks to "Prop 8," we have no legal right to be legally married in the state of California. With our adoption birth mom search well under way, we felt it was still very important to be able to share a commitment for one another with our close friends and family. When Tori suggested the ceremony be held near Palm Springs, we immediately knew this was definitely what we needed. Not only could we have an amazing, meaningful event, but also a mini-vacation with our loved ones!Tori spent endless hours in planning the big event. She is the most gracious person and it didn't matter if she had just spent the past 14 hours working on her own businesses, being with the family, or on set - she doesn't rest until the work she planned for the day is complete. We'd be laying in bed and just about to fall asleep when emails would roll in with her thoughts on the types of flowers we could have on the table, what cheeses would be offered at the arrival night wine and cheese party, and what fun things could be waiting for our guests in an "arrival bag" (yes, of course Tori had planned gift bags for the guests... have you met her?!) When the ideas start flowing through her mind there is no stopping her. Her planning and work speaks for itself... wasn't it GORGEOUS!!!! One of Liam's most favorite things in life (at age 2) is CAKE! At the very sight of any type of party, the very first thing he says is simply "Cake, Cake!!" So to be able to take a young cake expert along with us to select our ceremony cake was a no brainer. Well, let's just say Liam had a blast at Hotcakes Bakes Bakery. Matter of fact, by the time we got through about half of the selected tasting cakes, Liam had already helped himself to joining some of the bakers behind the counter to see what else he could get his hands on! We chose Liam's favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter along with a scrumptious Red Velvet layer as well. And in true Tori fashion, the cake turned out to be enormous!The day of the ceremony arrived so quickly and before we knew it, we were standing in front of 60 of our closest friends and family on the beautiful grounds of the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells, C.A. We're sure those of you who have gone through a day like this will agree that it goes by so quickly it almost feels like a dream. (We're also very glad we can enjoy it again with all of you watching it on the show!) It was so amazing to have our family in from the East Coast - moms, Papa Horn, Dan, aunts and cousins. We've never been all together under one roof and it was just a really fun time! Reverend Susan Russell was kind enough to drive down from Los Angeles to officiate our ceremony, as well as our new friend Lisa Nemzo, who performed her song "Falling" during the ceremony (her album has just been released and you must check it out! This song in particular brings tears to our eyes every time we hear it!) Also, we will forever cherish the memory of Liam bringing us the rings. So sweet!! If Stella had been just a bit older and able to walk, we would have loved to have her be a part of the ceremony as well. The reception dinner was simply divine. Just seeing the table and how beautiful it looked along with our family and friends sitting there made our hearts melt. The feeling is something we will never forget! With a special "ice bar" set up by IS Vodka, we all enjoyed special drinks named for our event and among them was "The Dirty Scoutini" (which seemed to get our guests up and dancing.) Having Lady Bunny fly in from NY to DJ was so cool. We've admired her for years and having her be our "mistress" of music was truly amazing! As guests left for the evening, they were given a send off gift of a special Votivo candle with a message card attached: "Thanks for celebrating - A donation to Lambda Legal has been made in your honor. Sweet Dreams, Bill and Scout." (Lamdba Legal is the organization fighting for our marriage equality rights. The perfect touch to the perfect day.)Our mothers are very comical together. They enjoy being around each other so much, that you'd think they're childhood friends. They're both amazing with kids and we knew that they'd be over the moon about spending the weekend with Liam and Stella. Also, it's good for them to practice up on the Grandma duties for when our baby arrives! Liam and Stella will always be in the hearts of "Grandma Jackie" and "Grandma Mary Alice." Maybe even someday the kids can go and visit the "Grandma's" on the east coast! It's always great to hear wonderful things about the ceremony weekend. We think it'll be something our family and friends will talk about for years to come. Thank you to everyone who traveled great distances to share our special day with us. We love you. Also, thank you to all of those involved in making it a magical time and a very special thanks to Tori and Dean. We love you very much! Perhaps Tori will start an event planning business some day. Business #437! Share The Guncles everyday lives via Twitter: @scoutmasterson @billhornwohi Lots of Love -The "Guncles" Bill & Scout

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