We were finally together again!

Being away from my family was so hard. I loved working as an actor and of course being back in Canada but all day long I missed T and my kids! When T and I met and fell in love we vowed to never be apart for more than three days. We tried our best to keep to that but sometimes work intervenes. Last year I went to Toronto for three weeks to film the feature "Saving God" with Ving Rhames. It was beyond hard to be away for that long and we said we never wanted it to happen again. But, when I was offered the male lead in the Jenny McCarthy ABC Family sequel "Santa Baby 2" in Calgary, T and I discussed the opportunity and we knew it was something I couldn't pass up. It would financially help our family out and it was a great, fun role for an actor. But five weeks! We knew it would be hard. But, actually being there I just felt so removed from my family and lonely. I knew I couldn't go the whole five weeks without seeing them. Then when T got business opportunities in NYC and planned to take the kids with her, I started to plan in my head a little surprise visit. Plus it was Valentine's Day. Last year we didn't spend the holiday together because I was filming in Toronto and I wasn't going to go a 2nd year without my wife. She's a super sleuth so I knew she would think it suspicious if I went 5 hours (the flying time) without calling her. So, I told her on my day off I was going horseback riding through the snow with the other actors. She seemed to buy it and I was on my way. I specifically didn't tell Mehran my plan because they were having dinner together and I know he has a hard time keeping secrets!Apparently though she thought or hoped there was a chance I might surprise her and was nervously looking around all dinner. When I walked in and saw her face my heart melted. She was so happy to see me. We were finally together again! If only for two days. It was worth it. We had an amazing night together and I couldn't wait to surprise the kids when they woke up in the AM. It was funny... When Liam saw me it was if I had been gone two hours and not weeks. But, kids don't really have a sense of time. I was so happy to have my babies back in my arms. I hated the thought of having to leave them again. We had just been reunited. When T and the kids left for the airport for T's HSN appearance my heart broke. I hate to see her cry or hurt in any way. But, I had to get back to work. Luckily back in Calgary I got to go dog sledding. I had to be trained to do it since my character in the movie dog sleds. I loved it! I love dogs and as everyone knows I love adventurous outdoor sports! I couldn't get enough of it. T says I get obsessive about sport hobbies so I guess she will be glad you can't do dog sledding back in LA! Did I mention I missed my family! Couldn't wait to get home! Soon! Dean

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