A monkey grows up.

By permanenteditor
I couldn't believe Liam was turning three. Time passes too quickly with little ones. Every mom has told me that they grow so fast, but you don't believe it until you experience it yourself. I keep looking for my baby and instead I see a little boy—a smart, polite, funny, sometimes hot-tempered little man in the place of the tiny baby I used to rock in my arms. The baby that we nicknamed Monkey because he used to dance and bounce for hours in his jumpy. I remember chanting and clapping "Go Monkey, Go Monkey, GO!". And now he goes to preschool by himself and sometimes says "Don't you talk to me!" Time has flown by.

I've enjoyed every second of it and will cherish the precious moments when he was a babe and look forward to watching him grow into the wonderful man I know he will become.

But reflection time aside, we had a party to plan! It’s pretty cool that Liam is old enough now to help plan his own party. He has very specific opinions. I love it because I get to be his personal party planner. He's totally into superheros right now. Obsessed would actually be more like it. He loves Spiderman and Superman with a sprinkle of Batman. So I decided to give him all three, with a red and blue palette to the decor. Everything saturated in bright red and blues. Very fun and kid-like.

He had a few requests...the kids’ favorite performing group (now a tradition at all their parties), a superhero cake, and a jumpy castle (superhero-themed of course). Ok, I can work with those instructions! Dean decided to make the kids an obstacle course from scratch. I thought that was pretty cool.

And I went to work on foods and drinks to match our party’s hues. I decided that for dessert, a tower of blue and red macaroons would be yummy and visually pleasing. And I decided to BRING BACK the jello mold—a dessert that has so many possibilities and is rarely seen anymore. I made lunch boxes for the kids with sandwiches, fruit, chips, a granola bar, and a healthy juice box. For the adults we had sandwiches, caprese kabobs, and chinese chicken salad in red and blue take out boxes I found, with chopsticks. I made blueberry lemonade and red fruit punch displayed in old-fashioned lemonade dispensers. My friend made awesome cookies and cupcakes to match our theme. I displayed the food items with mini chalkboards in front of them, telling the guests what each food was. I also found inexpensive red and blue plates and cake stands on eBay. I gotta say, I love myself a color scheme!

The party was a smashing success! All the kids and parents had an amazing time! I was so happy my Mom was at Liam's party. Liam loves his Grandma. They have a really special connection. It’s so nice when family can all be together. Family means so much to me. And, Liam was psyched that Grandma gave him his first motorcycle! Also, our new chickens Coco Chanel, Abbey Cadabby, Turkey Breast (Liam's brilliant idea), and Nuggets (ha ha, Dean) loved the attention from the partygoers.

Dean had been skeptical about having a party and so many kids in our backyard. But afterwards, he said it was the best party ever. And I loved that we did it together. I also loved that Liam finished the day by running around in his birthday suit! So funny. He's an amazing little man. Or as he would say "I'm a big boy!"


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