I was definitely feeling different energies.

By permanenteditor
I think it's great that Dean has been working on his own projects and growing his career. Even though it pulls him away from the family sometimes, it's good for them to have a break once in a while to realize how much they miss each other.

l look forward to the weekends when Dean is away and I come over because it allows me to spend some quality time with T and the kids. We can also get some work done on our businesses. It's like the slumber parties we used to have growing up (just add in two toddlers). But I have to say that I do miss Dean too.

Taking care of the kids is a lot harder than it looks, but so much fun. Loved it! Giving Liam and Stella baths was fun, but getting Liam dry, combing his hair and getting his clothes on proved to be more difficult than you could possibly imagine. I can't believe Tori threw a soiled diaper on my head, gross but hilarious. I got her back good though! Don't mess with the Mehranster! And the food fight was fun too, especially since I didn't have to clean up.

When Liam mentioned spirits in the house I was definitely feeling different energies, but I was not sure where they were coming from. So when Liam started talking about seeing the man or spirit (even though he assured us that he was friendly), it freaked us out.

I was really happy that Mama Lola and Zaar came and started cleansing the house. It was interesting to see. I'm open to all spiritualities and religions, and Voodoo is the melting pot of different belief systems, so I was excited to see how they would approach the cleanse. During T’s bad bath I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. Tori had described the ritual to me before, but seeing it up close and personal was something else. It was exciting, frightening, humorous and amazing all at once. Especially when Tori had to clean her "boun boun."

Luckily I think the cleanse worked, but I also think that the negative energy in the house was a result of the tension that had been growing between Tori and Dean. As soon as they start connecting again, the air will clear.

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