Our road trip was fun, but also stressful!

As with everything he does, Dean committed all of his attention to the task at hand -- getting us safely to Atlanta. Between me keeping an eye on the kids and planning our redecoration for Patsy's house with the Guncles, I barely got to see him.He felt so far away in that big RV! But I enjoyed the time we spent off the road, and before bedtime when it was just the four of us again. We really want to do another road trip and take more time to really appreciate every place we stop. I know it sounds crazy, but I was actually kind of scared spending the night at the motel. I've just seen too many horror films, and got paranoid I was putting myself in a little "Bates Motel" situation in the middle of nowhere! I have to say, it would have been scarier camping though... there are even MORE horror films with massacres in the woods! That might have been the only time I was actually GLAD to get back on the road in the morning. Seeing my cousin Sam in Dallas really made me feel more connected to my Dad's side of the family that always lived so far away. Sam was so nice to show us around. I was glad he got to see the kids and spend some time with Dean and I. It was great to hear stories about my Dad, and then actually see where they took place. It was a surreal experience, and really gave me a better understanding of where he came from. I really was glad Dean and I decided to do this, because even though we only had a few days to drive all the way down to Georgia, I had to be there for Patsy as she was recovering. We miss her so much. She's part of my family and has done so much for us, there is never enough of an excuse to return the favor. And who doesn't love a makeover?

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