Tori goes all out when throwing a party for her beloved husband.


It’s always great when Tori throws a party to support a friend, so of course she goes all out for her beloved husband. She’s the consummate entertainer – always welcoming her guests with a smile and TONS of delicious food. It’s usually chaotic before an event begins, but guests would never know it. Since Scout and I are more like family, we get to be part of the chaos… and I must admit, we love it!

I really enjoyed “Always & Forever”. It seems like television makes so few romantic “movies of the week” anymore – not like they did when I was a kid. And the ones they do make now are usually not very good. Dean’s really a good, charismatic actor so I’m always excited to see his movies.

I will say that Dean had some damn good looking fellow cast members. Attractive and young. Nothing makes you feel old like hanging out with a couple 20-year-old model/actors. I’m creeping up to the age where I could conceivably be old enough to be their FATHER’S AGE. Oy.

On a serious note, it was really sad to hear about Uncle Danny. He was truly a lovely, warm, kind-hearted man. I had the pleasure of spending time with him on a few occasions. The first time we met, I was taken aback by how much he resembles Tori’s dad.

When Tori heard Uncle Danny died she was just crushed. I think memories of her Dad’s passing came flooding back, and it was hard to watch a good friend in so much pain. We tried to comfort Tori the best we could, listening to her tell stories about Uncle Danny from when she was a kid.

Prominently displayed in our home, we have a few of Uncle Danny’s seashells that he’s given us. Scout and I will always remember him fondly.


The McDermott's organic garden is really cool! The kids love watching the vegetables grow and since it's a self-contained system, it's easy maintenance. I hope that Guncle Billy and I can someday have one of our own for our future family. I think it's a great way to spend family bonding time.

Tori is such a gracious host, and her parties are always unique. When her creative energy starts flowing, there's no stopping her!

Dean's an amazing actor! I'm a casting director and I see lots of different actors on a constant basis. Dean's performances are always solid, and he is fantastic at transforming into his character. I would love to see him do a television drama series as a series regular or an action movie. It's exciting for me to watch him on screen.

During the party for Dean, I think we just started chit-chatting and didn't realize we were being anti-social. Oops! I never like to see anyone argue. It makes me uncomfortable.

Tori was devastated when she heard of Uncle Danny's passing. He was very dear to her and such a sweet man. I will always cherish getting to know him as well and especially all of the fun birthdays he shared with the kids. I'm so happy he was able to spend that time with them.

We love Tori so much, and she knows we're always here. I'll always remember giving her a big hug after she heard about Uncle Danny and that feeling of comfort. It's a feeling that one never forgets. Dean is a very loving guy. I knew he'd cancel his trip to Vegas and come home to comfort his wife. He may love racing, but that doesn't compare to his love for Tori and his family.

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