The Guncles Intro Blog

By permanenteditor
Since last season, the biggest thing we've been up to is that we're parents! We welcomed our daughter, Simone Lynn, shortly after last season's finale. Actually to be honest, she was born about 45 minutes after the finale aired. Which is kinda insane...considering we had just told Tori & Dean that we matched with a birth mother on national television (the timing is kinda spooky, right?????).

Shortly after that, we laid low for 2-3 weeks. There was a lot to take care of and we wanted to keep the fact that we had Simone a secret so we could get her home safely. After a few months of leave from work, we decided that neither of us could be away from Simone for a long work day and our offices were about an hour commute away from home. So we decided to start our own public relations firm, specializing in baby & kids products called "Marque Communications."

Marque turns 1 this November and we're doing quite well. Our clients are some of the biggest names in the baby industry. Plus, our office is VERY close to home! Since the show had such a long hiatus in between seasons, we also celebrated Simone's 1st birthday. Hopefully you'll get to see some of the big bash on this season of the show! We also have a few big surprises up our sleeves, but we don't want to give everything away so soon...Let's just say there are BIG THINGS coming your way from The Guncles!!!!!! XOXO

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