The Guncles on Episode 6: The Pregnancy Police

Reminding Tori to "slow down" is something that I'm constantly doing and will continue to do... until she does! I'm like a big brother in that way. I don't like to see her burning the candle at both ends work-wise and then also be Super Mom as well. She knows exactly when I'm going to say it too! Ideally, I'd like to see her take several months off of work.

The Royal Wedding party was fun. We were exhausted (and I can't imagine how Tori must have felt!). Dean's traditional English breakfast was superb. We've all become so spoiled from him making such fabulous meals! The decor was fabulous. Tori always pulls through. She'd give her last ounce of energy to make a perfect party!!

We're thrilled that Dean is pursuing his cooking career. Scout loves to cook as well, but doesn't have the kind of love Dean does to commit to formal training. Scout just kind of goes with the flow on his dishes. Some of his dishes are highlighted on our website, We have a great idea for a restaurant and (who knows) maybe someday we'll open it in collaboration with Dean.

As for working out, Dean is an amazing motivator. I'm comfortable with him because we're like family. So I don't have that shame factor if I can't do something. We work out when time permits. It's tough for me. I wasn't born with that gene that I want to get up and go for a run! Between having a toddler and Marque Communications (our baby and kid’s PR business) AND being a "Guncle" – it’s a lot of work. I won't sacrifice my time with Simone, so I just need to be smarter about fitting the exercise in. Sometimes we walk to lunch, etc. Also, my friend and trainer Kathy Kaehler has been fantastic working with me as well. So far, I'm maintaining the 40 pounds I have lost and I have a lot more I'd like to lose.

Our New Year’s resolutions are to spend as much family time as possible, eat healthy and to get Simone potty trained!

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