The Guncles on Episode 9: And Baby Makes Five

We had mixed feelings when Tori started feeling like she was having contractions at our event...I guess it was mostly fear! We were anxious for the baby to arrive, but also knew if it was finally time that we still would have to work our event. So for that reason we hoped it was a false alarm! The event turned out amazing! We were so pleased and happy that so many people came to raise awareness for car seat safety. We were especially thankful to our friends at Britax, Buick and Safe Kids USA for participating. We thought for sure she was having a boy (and we're pretty sure she did too!) With Liam and Stella she carried so differently. We thought this was a "Liam. Tori's baby shower was gorgeous. Of course, with her we expect no less. She's a pro at events now! :-) Tori donating her gifts was very thoughtful. We too donate a lot and work with a local organization, L.A. Family Housing. Our Santa's Secret Workshop event in December benefited them and our sponsors gave several dozen new strollers to Los Angeles families in need and The Children's Place donated a few thousand dollars of clothes in all sizes. Knowing that we can all help out means the world to us. Check them out and help if you can. Anything helps! They always need diapers! It'd be great if we could host a diaper drive with Pampers or Huggies. Hattie is a gorgeous and smart little girl. Dean called us shortly after her birth and we were so incredibly excited to hear a girl had arrived! Sadly, we couldn't be there because Simone was still sleeping and we'd never want to disrupt her sleep. It was hard not to just jump in the car though! We were so excited!!! We helped them home when they were discharged from the hospital. So even though we couldn't be there for the actual birth, it was nice to be there to help Hattie out in her first adventure outside of the hospital and into the world. It's nice to be uncles again. We wouldn't trade a moment of the time we've shared with Liam and Stella for anything. Watching them grow into such smart, loving and funny little people has been an amazing adventure. It's tough with little babies; we feel a bond with Hattie but know the best is yet to come. We'll get to share and experience all of her first's...and that's just awesome to think about! We love her so much!! This past year has been an incredible journey. We've all been through so much! We've started a family, built up our PR business and are so incredibly proud of our adoption mentoring service - Hold My Hand ( for more info!!) Wish we could share more of that with the fans. It's hard to cram in so much in less than 9 hours. Hopefully we'll get to share more of our lives with you very soon! Having four little ones running around is like the most fabulous form of controlled chaos. Simone continues to WOW us with something new every day. She's like a sponge and we're never sure what she'll say! Shes our smart and gorgeous little lady. We're currently working on potty training her and another big surprise this year is that Nana (Scout's Mom) has moved from Pennsylvania and in with us. So Simone has a grandma living in the house, which is so fun for her! Hey, and you never know... maybe we'll adopt again very soon! Thank you to all of the fans and to everyone who is always there to support us. Words can't express our appreciation for you all! XOXO - The Guncles Follow us on Twitter @ScoutMasterson @TheBillHorn and on Facebook at

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