Erienne & Jeremy on Episode 3: Shabby Chic Wedding

When Jeremy had to call me and break the news about losing our venue three weeks before the wedding, I was immediately devastated. I was in Ohio celebrating our upcoming nuptials at my bridal shower that my mother and sister, the maid of honor, were throwing for me the day when I found out. This was not the phone call I had ever expected to receive. Losing your venue can be a bride’s worst nightmare, and in that moment we both felt defeated. Jeremy and I had been traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to San Diego every weekend looking for the perfect venue which fit what we were going for and we thought we had it all in the bag! Not only did we lose the venue and had to figure out how to cope with this stress, but we also now had to figure out how on earth we were going to be able to locate a new venue in THREE weeks and break the news to everyone else who had already purchased their plane tickets to California from Ohio! I remember getting off the phone with Jeremy and literally just staring at the floor trying to hold my composure and wishing so badly I was back in California with him, but I still had a few days left in Ohio before I could come back home. Receiving this news was extremely rough, but in that moment I took a deep breath and thanked the heavens above for blessing me with such an amazing support system!

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always envisioned my wedding to be soft, sweet, and very chic. We picked our wedding theme to be Shabby Chic, because it really complimented us well. I love to decorate and simply adore anything vintage and chic and knew this theme would work for us. I wanted our wedding to not be too girly and had a desire to incorporate Jeremy’s vision into the theme as well and since we are both very non-traditional, we felt as if this theme would be perfect! We loved the idea of mismatched patterns and colors and bringing old furniture in for seating along with bringing the chic feel to it all! Shabby Chic seemed perfect because it still brought the romance to our wedding without it being too girly and over-the-top. I am all about the details in everything I do, and with this theme, the smallest detail can make the biggest statement. For example, the chandelier which we got married under said “chic romance.” Wasn’t it to die for? Tori and Dean really nailed our vision and we couldn’t be more thankful!

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I use to be a wedding photographer and due to this, I have seen my share of weddings so I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what I did not want to do. At most weddings, there are guest books which all the guests sign but most of the time you can never read their name. So, I thought instead of having a guest book per se, we could have our guests leave us a blessing on a wish tag for our wedding scrapbook. I thought this would be more sentimental for us and was something we could always look back on. I love pictures and love to scrapbook and I knew our wedding scrapbook wouldn’t sit around collecting dust as I believe a guest book may have done. The blessings everyone wrote on a tag meant the world to us and this is something we will always cherish!

I grew up in a very crafty and creative home and my best memories growing up were craft time as a little girl with all of us kids and my mother. Not only is my mother a brilliant artist in so many ways, designing clothes and etc., but she also taught me how to be creative. I have always, since I can remember, been very creative and I have her to thank for that! I think I drive Jeremy crazy with all of these ideas I constantly have and that our kitchen table has turned into my “craft table” most of the time! Throughout the years I have learned so much about myself and my abilities to create, who knew I could sew? Again, I have my mother to thank for allowing me to possess these skills.

This experience, for me, has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I went into this knowing we were going to be in the best hands ever with Tori and Dean planning our wedding, but never in a million years would I have thought that I would have learned so much about myself and grown tremendously during the time. Tori helped me in ways she will never know, giving me the confidence I yearned to have for so long. When Tori surprised me with my “mini-makeover,” I was so overwhelmed and ecstatic. I have always been the type of person who does stuff for everyone else and I often forget about me, so when I found out this was going to happen, I was over the moon. At first, I was worried because I did not want Jeremy to think it was ridiculous, because he always is telling me how beautiful I am and struggles to beat it into my head that I am deserving of great things, including his love and the love of others. I also wanted to still look like me, but just a more confident and polished version. Again, Tori knocked this one out of the park and I will never be able to thank her enough for making me feel so beautiful and allowing me to find the confidence and voice I have needed to get back for so long. She really empowered me, and for that I will forever be grateful! 

Jeremy: I loved the photo shoot. First of all, it was very nice to see Erienne looking so confident in her photos. I don't think that photo shoot is something that she normally would have done, so it was neat to see that she like was out of her element and still having a good time. They aren't too bad to look at either (wink).

Jeremy: I was very excited on the day of the wedding, but actually quite calm. Everyone told me that I would get the "wedding day jitters," but nothing like that ever happened. I was always sure that I wanted to marry Erienne, so there were no doubts in my mind for the entire day. However, I felt a little sick from the Smirnoff Ice that my oh-so-loyal friends made me chug before we played football.

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When we found out we were picked for the show, I was so thrilled because I knew we were in the best hands ever! I knew with our Shabby Chic theme that Tori would be able to bring our vision completely together because Shabby Chic is Tori’s specialty! It is so hard to pick one detail as our favorite for the wedding, but if I had to choose one it would be the releasing of the doves. This was a complete surprise to the both of us and meant so much to us! We really wanted to incorporate birds of some sort into our theme, because of how we met and the chance we both took on love. We call ourselves free birds and this was so symbolic for us. I took a chance and spread my wings to up root my life from Ohio to be with Jeremy and he did the same with me. In that moment, I honestly cannot express enough words to describe what this detail meant to the both of us. It was simply bliss.

Erienne: When I got out of the boat Dean rowed me in and stepped up and saw my dad right there ready to take my hand to lead me down the aisle to my future, it was such a magical moment. My father is such an amazing man and that moment was a moment I had always dreamt about since I was a little girl. There are not enough words to describe the emotion a bride feels knowing her daddy is ready to give her away. My dad has supported me in everything I have ever done throughout my life, and this was one of those moments that will always be etched into my brain. When I stood at the end of the aisle holding my daddy’s hand and saw Jeremy standing there, the whole world stopped around me and all I could see was him smiling back at me. In that moment I wanted to take it all in and had to catch my breath because I forgot to breathe for a moment! Our ceremony was by far my favorite moment of all time at our wedding!

Jeremy: When I saw Erienne step out of the boat and start walking towards me, this was hands down the best moment of the whole wedding for me. Erienne looked so amazing, and at point the crowd/cameras/crew all disappeared and it was just the two of us and God.

Our advice to future bride and grooms for planning their big day would be to enjoy every moment of it! When I say every moment, I mean the whole planning process. Even though there may be a few trials and tribulations you may come across, know that you have someone who will hold your hand every step of the way. As bride and groom, you are a team and nothing should bring you down as there is a solution to every problem! Cherish the moments and let your voice be heard!

Tori and Dean are amazing people and we feel so blessed to have met them and become as close as we did with the both of them. They taught us to live in every moment, to laugh at the small things and to love each other like there is no tomorrow. Their marriage is one I know Jeremy and I will also have, as they are so loving towards one another and know when to laugh and have a great time. We will never be able to thank these two amazing people enough and will be forever grateful for everything they did for us! THANK YOU TORI AND DEAN!! XO

Jeremy and I took a very spontaneous--imagine that--trip up the coast for our honeymoon. We packed a suitcase, dropped the dogs off at his parents’ and just took off! Jeremy and I had no plans of where we would stop along the way and decided if it looked interesting then we would stop. We drove up to San Francisco and took the Pacific Coast Highway all the way there. If you are ever able to do this, I suggest doing it! We had such an amazing adventure together for a whole week driving and even saw a herd of zebras on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway at Hearst Castle!

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