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I first met Tori and Dean when I was working on some stage sets for a show they were working on, probably about 5 years ago. Then I helped with a few graphics for their french fries business. We have been working together steadily ever since. At this point, I can't really imagine doing a project without them. We have become a well-oiled machine!!

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I have always been interested in altering spaces, from my bedroom as a child, to school plays and just about anything else I was allowed to do. I actually studied Fine Art at School and began working on stage sets in London. I really started doing events with Tori, and I think we really began it together. Before that I had only worked on things for stage and screen! I think having a broader background has really helped me think.


Brandy's Wedding was the first wedding that I had a big part in planning, and it was so so so different from anything I had really done before. Actually there is so much more pressure than building a set for a show because it's so personal for the bride and groom, and it's a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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