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We met on Yup, that’s right, we met on an online dating site and we openly admit it. We each had a pug named Gus before we met, and Steven saw my profile with pictures of Gus and emailed me. In Steven's first email he wrote, "I see you have a pug. So do I, and his name is Gus." I don't think I read the rest of his email. I immediately wrote back to him that my pug's name is Gus, too, and that we had to meet. We met a few days later and have been together ever since with Gus and Gus. Our first date was July 21 2007.

When Steven proposed, he took me to beautiful restaurant in Topanga Canyon called Inn of The Seventh Ray. Soon after we sat down, Steven got down on one knee and proposed. After dinner, he took me to the Malibu Inn Hotel where we spent the night. The next morning my parents met us for brunch—it was perfect.

What we love most about weddings is that everyone who is special and important to the bride and groom are all together celebrating love. It's a special and romantic once-in-a-lifetime occasion that produces so many wonderful memories. And what’s not to love about an open bar for 5 hours. ;-)

VIDEO: Check out the roadblock Tori faces when trying to create the "Toss-A-Pug" for Samantha & Steven's Wedding!

Our wedding was inspired by love & pugs! We love each other and we love pugs. We wanted a "pug chic" wedding that was unique and represented us. It was also important to incorporate our Jewish culture into our ceremony.

In order to get on the show we sent in an email about us, how we met, and what our vision for our wedding was. Soon afterwards, we were contacted by casting and went in for an interview. About three weeks later, we received a phone call that we were picked to be one of the lucky couples Tori and Dean would plan a wedding for. We were ecstatic! I think we were chosen because of the truly unique wedding we envisioned and because we are loud and outgoing. Dean nicknamed us "The Bickersteins" as we tend to bicker, but it’s because we each are strong, passionate and opinionated people. I think these traits came out even more once the cameras started rolling.

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