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The Facts — And Fiction — Behind The ‘Halloween’ Films

The extent to which the character of Michael Myers, the antagonist in the "Halloween" franchise, is based on real-life cases, such as those of babysitter Janett Christman and convicted kidnapper Andre Rand, has been debated since the original movie's debut in 1978.

How Did Larry Ray Lure College Kids Into A Cult?

Larry Ray gained the trust of his daughter’s friends by regaling them with stories of his successful past and taking an interest in their lives. According to authorities, he then used his influence to torment most of them for years.

Could Anyone Be Brainwashed Into Joining A Cult? What Experts Say

“When you look at people who have been in a cult, you certainly can’t separate them out in terms of their intelligence level or their sophistication,” Dr. Joni Johnston, a forensic psychologist and author of “Serial Killers: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask,” told Oxygen.com.