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The New Limited Season Of Dexter: A Podcaster, A Police Chief, And Daddy Issues

From Jamie Chung's new role to the reunion between Dexter Morgan and his son Harrison Morgan, here are some "Dexter" spoilers for the upcoming show revival. 

By Gina Tron
Dexter Showtime

The new and upcoming limited “Dexter” series has a whole lot going on, murder included of course.

Dexter: New Blood” will revive the original series with ten episodes, and will be set ten years after the eighth and final season, which concluded in 2013. The show, which first premiered in 2006, follows Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall who will return to the role in the all-new series slated for Nov. 7. When we last saw Dexter he was a blood splatter expert for the Miami Police Department by day, and a vigilante serial killer by night. He only targeted other killers in an attempt to satisfy his urge to murder, while keeping innocent people safe from his dark impulses. 

He’s got a whole lot of experience under his belt by now, but what kind of homicidal adventures will Dexter get into in the new series?

Here's what we know:

He is chopping up...trees?

The season finale ended with Dexter fleeing Hurricane Laura. In the new season, he's moved to upstate New Yorker. A trailer shows Dexter using a fake New York State ID, living under the name James Lindsay. He refers to himself as an “evolving monster” as he pretends to be a normal man in the small fictional town of Iron Lake. Trying to keep a low profile, Dexter works as a sales associate at a shop called Fred’s Fish and Game where he seemingly chops a lot of lumber. While the trailer doesn’t show him cutting up people, it certainly alludes that it’s possible. His tendency for violent vigilantism appears tempted once he gets wind of a possible serial killer in the area.

“Old habits die hard... or do they?” the Twitter feed for Dexter asks.

His son is back

In the trailer, the son that Dexter abandoned has grown and he seemingly wants back into his father’s life. Harrison appears to be a teenager who has sought out the location of his father. 

As Dexter” fans are aware, the serial killer deserted him in the season finale while faking his own death at sea.

Is Dexter going to let his son, played by Jack Alcott, in on his little killing secret? It seems plausible that the son is going to find out this season, one way or another.

"Wanna Know A Secret? Daddy Kills People," the Dexter twitter account teased in June.

He’s got a new flame

A dangerous move for a serial killer on the lam to make, but he’s Dexter after all. Looks like Dexter’s new love interest isn’t just a cop but the local chief of police. Angela Bishop, played by Julia Jones, is the first indigneous chief of police in the community. She is rumored to be a single mom with a teenage daughter. How will she react to Dexter’s son, though? And more pressingly, how would she react to her new beau’s true identity?

Julia Jones G

True crime podcaster in the mix

There’s also a true crime podcaster in the mix and we can only imagine the drama this could cause. Actor Jamie Chung has been cast as a podcaster named Molly. Chung told Hollywood Life in September that viewers can expect her to really “shakes things up” for Dexter.

“Molly is a confident, accomplished, and self-made journalist,” she described her character.

Jamie Chung G

She hinted that her "unapologetic" character and armchair detective skills might be “a new threat to Dexter and his true identity."

We'll see when "Dexter" premieres November 7th on Showtime. 

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