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Here's How ‘The Office’ Fans Can Catch The Scranton Strangler On Peacock

The Scranton Strangler’s face was never shown on the comedy series “The Office,” but jokes about the serial killer still ... killed. *Stares into camera Jim Halpert-style.*

By Stephanie Gomulka
'The Office' Is Available To Stream On Peacock

January isn't exactly the most-loved month of the year. The days are dark and cold, the glitz and glamor of the holidays is done, and it is a long way 'til spring comes. Luckily, we have news that will make your month: The hit comedy series “The Office” is now available on the streaming platform Peacock. 

Yup, all 201 episodes of "The Office" began streaming on the platform Peacock on January 1, 2021. On top of the entire show catalogue, you can find bonus content and never-before-seen clips. The day-to-day operations (and shenanigans) of Scranton paper company Dunder Mifflin are the heart of the show, as Michael Scott (Steve Carell) acts as misfit manager to an ensemble cast, which includes actors John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson.

Still, don’t let the romantic drama of characters like Jim and Pam or the goofy mishaps Michaels commits distract you from one of the biggest, albeit fictional, true crime cases of all time: The serial murderer dubbed the Scranton Strangler rampaged the Pennsylvania city throughout several seasons of "The Office."

Spoiler Alert: The following article includes details about specific episodes of "The Office."

Although no citizen detectives are needed to solve the case of Scranton Strangler (sorry Dwight Schrute types), here are five episodes to binge now on Peacock if you want to catch segments featuring the serial killer. 

1. The Strangler Strikes Again

In “Delivery: Part 2" (Season 6, Episode 18), salesman and a cappella group "Here Comes Treble" member Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) visits a certain couple in the office to drop off a gift for their newborn baby. It's a framed front page of the local newspaper on the baby's birthday — however, the baby is born a day later than expected, changing the headline of the paper from “Spring Has Sprung” to “Scranton Stranger Strikes Again.” 

The Office 1

2. 911: Dwight Has a Fashion Emergency

In “Body Language" (Season 6, Episode 23), paper salesman and former volunteer sheriff's deputy Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) fakes calling 911 on the murderer to convince his co-worker Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) that his belt isn't lame — it allows his flip phone to be "easily accessible!"

“911 ... Hello,” Dwight says. “Scranton Strangler’s in the house. Inside the house.”

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t convince Kelly of the belt's cool factor. 

3. Dwight Slays Halloween as the Strangler

On the Halloween “Costume Contest" episode (Season 7, Episode 6), Dwight dresses up as the Scranton Strangler and marks another salesman, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), as his next pretend victim. 

“Too late,” Dwight says to Jim. “If I was the real Scranton Strangler, you’d be so strangled by now.”

The Office 3

Dwight also promises to the camera he will catch the strangler. 

4. Michael Saves a Piece of True Crime History

The capture of a serial killer is a memorable event in any town or city. For Scranton and the work family at Dunder Mifflin, the Scranton Strangler suspect's arrest was no different. In “Viewing Party" (Season 7, Episode 8), the crew huddles around an office computer to watch the standoff between cops and the alleged killer. 

“Some events are so newsworthy, so historic, that you have to stop everything to watch,” Jim remarks. “Things that if you didn’t see them live, you wouldn’t really care that you didn’t see them at all.”

The presumed killer tries to evade police, which leads to a car chase right past the Scranton branch. Manager Michael Scott is the only person able to get a glimpse of the car passing by through a window. He saves gravel from the street in a jar and says he'll tell his future grandkids about where he was the day the notorious murderer was captured. 

5. Toby Joins the Jury ... and His Co-Workers Wish He Used His Right to Remain Silent

Conspiracy theorists may try to pin down Toby Flenderson as the actual serial killer (see an archival deep dive from the show here), but the Dunder Mifflin HR representative merely acted a member of the jury on the case. (Toby is played by actor Paul Lieberstein, who was also an executive producer and writer on the series.)

When Toby returns, he drones on about the case despite his coworkers' obvious disinterest. At trial, a man named George Howard Skub was convicted, but Toby suspects later on the man may have been wrongly convicted.

The Office 2

In "Moving On: (Season 9, Episode 16), Toby decides to confront Skub to tell him he believes he is innocent.

“I would understand if he felt motivated to hug me,” Toby says outside of the prison. “I would understand if a friendship began.”

Instead, Skub attacks him and injures his vocal chords after strangling him — confirming he is the killer. 

You can start your deep dive into the case and binge the show by subscribing to Peacock at PeacockTV.com or by downloading the app on a supported device.

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