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Where Are Dale Sigler And Carole Whitworth Of 'I Am A Killer: Released' Now?

Is convicted killer Dale Sigler still living with Carole Whitworth following the production of "I Am a Killer: Released"?

By Gina Tron
Dale Wayne Sigler Netflix

Living under the same roof with anyone can have its challenges, but there are extra issues when your roommate is a convicted murderer who has just been paroled.

Such was the case with Carole Whitworth and Dale Wayne Sigler, whose unlikely friendship was documented in Netflix’s “I Am A Killer: Released,” a spin-off of the “I Am a Killer” series. 

Sigler, now 53, was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in 1991 for the 1990 killing of a Subway employee, according to court records. After a night of "drinking beer, whiskey, smoking marijuana, smoking speed, and doing lines of speed,” Sigler robbed a Subway sandwich shop where his acquaintance John William Zeltner Jr. worked. 

As Zeltner attempted to flee to the backroom during the incident, Sigler callously shot him six times, including multiple times in the back of the head. After killing Zeltner, who was gay, he boasted about the murder "in great detail" and "without remorse,” according to court records.

While Sigler was on death row for three years, his sentence was reduced to life after the State of Texas amended its laws. That meant he was also eligible for parole, which he made with the help of a 71-year-old woman named Carole Whitworth. They met while Whitworth was visiting her stepson behind bars, who introduced her to Sigler. The two quickly became pen pals. 

While Whitworth has a modest mobile home in rural Texas, which she uses to take care of previously unloved cats, she opened her doors to her prison pal in 2019 after he made parole, despite never even asking him what he was convicted of, as shown in the docuseries.

In "I Am A Killer: Released," Sigler appeared grateful for Whitworth's hospitality, lovingly calling her "Mama Carole." He joined her in prayers and started attending a local church. In one scene he even washed Whitworth's feet. But he also appeared frustrated, both with how much technology had advanced since 1990 and with how difficult it was to get a job due to his conviction. 

He also changed his reasons for killing Zeltner, going from describing it as a robbery gone bad to claiming that Zeltner tried to blackmail him into a sexual relationship.

So where are the two now, after the docuseries' end? 

A spokesperson for Netflix told Oxygen.com that Sigler does have a new job now. He has also moved into his own place.

The spokesperson added that Sigler and Whitworth are still close. Sigler is still regularly attending church.