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Suzanne Somers Forced To Deal With ‘Almost Naked’ Home Intruder During Facebook Livestream

The stranger at Suzanne Somers' estate was wearing nothing but flip-flops and a "bathing suit or a bikini," the actress said.

By Daniel Egitto
Suzanne Somers Fb

Actress and businesswoman Suzanne Somers was surprised Friday evening by a “almost naked” man who stumbled onto her property while she was in the middle of a Facebook livestream.

It was “formal Friday” at Somers’ secluded Palm Springs, California estate, and the cocktail dress-clad 74-year-old was livestreaming a makeup tutorial while awaiting dinner guests on her patio. About 40 minutes into the Facebook video, she heard a strange noise.

“Is something there?” she asked her husband, former producer and television host Alan Hamel.

He sayid it was just a frog that was croaking in the background – but then, another human voice replied.

“I’m here! Hi,” a man said offscreen, his voice slightly slurred.

Somers invited the man to come closer, but was visibly shocked by what she saw.

The newcomer was wearing nothing but flip-flops and a "bathing suit or a bikini," she later told Page Six

“I’m sorry, I was slightly terrified over there for a second,” the offscreen man told Somers. “There were ghosts following me.”

Somers calmly informed him that he was trespassing on private property and gave him directions to the road, asking him to leave. The only hint that she was at all unnerved by the situation were the few times she turns to look wide-eyed at the camera.

Finally, after Hamel and another man escorted the newcomer away, she turned to her viewers and breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry about that. I’m as shocked as you all are,” she said.

The camera was still rolling, though, and she soon returned to talking about her favorite brand of lipstick. Only when Hamel returned did she quickly wrap up the livestream.

“What a way to end the show, but I’m calling the police now,” she said.

Somers later speculated that the man may have been a lost hiker who was delusional from dehydration, according to Entertainment Tonight. Her property is difficult to get to, and she said she’d never seen anything like that before. She also said police didn’t arrest the intruder, but only gave him a warning and sent him away.

Although this incident was definitely shocking, Somers told Page Six she was never especially frightened.

“The great thing is that he was almost naked so I could see he didn’t have anything, he didn’t have a weapon,” she said.

But when the camera was off, the celebrity health guru did treat herself to a glass of tequila – clear, not gold, she told Good Morning America. It’s fewer calories.   

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