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Crime News

Where Are Killer ‘Landscapers’ Susan and Christopher Edwards Now?

Susan and Christopher Edwards killed Patricia and William Wycherley before burying them in the backyard and posing as them for 15 years.

By Gina Tron
Susan Christopher Edwards

The murders of Patricia and William Wycherley were shocking in many ways including because of how unassuming their killers appeared to be.

It was their own daughter Susan Edwards, a librarian, and her bookkeeper husband, Christopher, who shot Patricia, 63, and William, 85, to death in 1998. The Edwards' then buried the Wycherleys in the yard of their Nottingham, England home, the BBC reported in 2014. 

The remains of the Wycherley couple were not discovered until 2013, and the surprisingly cunning younger couple kept their murderous secret for years. They pretended they were still alive, while lying to friends, relatives, neighbors, doctors and financial institutions by writing fake Christmas cards and forging financial documents.They pretended that Patricia and William were merely traveling and having a splendid time in their twilight years.

And the murder and deception? What was it all for? 

It was used to finance the purchase of overpriced Hollywood memorabilia, apparently.

Following the murders, the couple immediately drained the Wycherly's accounts and took ownership of their possessions. They gained £285,286, most of which went to items like a bank form with Gary Cooper’s signature for a whopping £3,000, The Guardian reported in 2014. When they were arrested while trying to flee capture in 2013 at St Pancras Eurostar terminal, a train station in London, their suitcase was stuffed full of such memorabilia. 

After their arrest, the couple unsuccessfully tried to claim that it was Patricia Wycherly who shot her husband William to death before announcing that she was having an affair with Christopher Edwards, supposedly provoking Susan Edwards, her own daughter, to shoot her. A jury didn’t buy it, and unanimously convicted them of murder in 2014. Both were sentenced to 25 years to life in 2014.

Both killers are still alive and behind bars. 

The strange case is the inspiration behind “Landscapers,” a new dramatized four-episode series set to stream on HBO and HBO Max on Dec. 6. It “tells a unique love story involving Chris and Susan Edwards, a seemingly ordinary British couple who become the focus of an extraordinary investigation when two dead bodies are discovered in the back garden of a house in Nottingham.”

In it, the couple are played by Emmy-winner Olivia Colman and Emmy nominee David Thewlis.

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