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Where Is Derryl Trujillo From 'LuLaRich' And Has Kelly Clarkson Apologized??

Jenner Furst, one of the filmmakers of "LuLaRich" told Oxygen.com that Darryl Trujillo's "heart is pure and he is dedicating to creating justice."

By Gina Tron
New Docuseries 'LuLaRich' Investigates LuLaRose MLM Scheme

Most people who watched “LuLaRich” find it hard to forget Derryl Trujillo, a former employee of LuLaRoe.

Most notably Trujillo could no longer listen Kelly Clarkson because of his traumatic associations with the MLM, and Clarkson's performance at one of LuLaRoe's conventions. 

But the "LuLaRich" filmmakers insist he is so much more than that single anecdote. 

“Darryl is the standout character of the series and the reason why is because his heart is pure and he is dedicating to creating justice,” “LuLaRich” filmmaker Jenner Furst told Oxygen.com. “Someone referred to him as the Erin Brockovich of the story and in his heart and mind, he is.”

In “LuLaRich,” Trujillo explains how he worked for the multi-level marketing company as a home office employee from February of 2016 to September of 2017. He spent his twenty months at LuLaRoe exchanging emails and other correspondence with LuLaRoe consultants, some of whom lost everything trying to make it rich with the company.

Trujillo never held back. He made it clear that he thought LuLaRoe founders Mark Stidham and DeAnne Brady Stidham didn't have “a clue how to run a company.”

Derryl Trujillo

We always root for a character like Darryl and it’s not just because he’s quirky and funny. It’s because he’s actually really earnest about what he’s trying to do and that’s what makes it a full package,” Furst told Oxygen.com. 

He also made plenty of hilarious comments and references.

“He’s funny, he’s quirky he tells great jokes, he makes Star Trek references, he’s boycotting Kelly Clarkson and everyone’s talking about that but behind all of it, he sincerely feels that he was part of something that wasn’t right and the way to make it right is to talk about it,” Furst said.

Trujillo eventually quit after LulaRoe abruptly ended their buy-back guarantee policy for consultants in 2017. Angry retailers would contact him because, as he put it, he was in the “first line of defense.” Many viewers were delighted by how much he cared about the consultants. 

Trujillo wanted deeply for there to be “some sort of justice for all those women that he was on conference calls with who were basically mortgaging their house to join,” Furst told Oxygen.com. “He’s such an empathetic and caring person, he carries those phone calls with him. He feels like he has to do something to right the wrong he was a part of even though he wasn’t Mark and DeAnne.”

Trujillo is now a senior writer for Inland Sports and a contributor to WAC Hoops Digest. His Twitter is dedicated to the sports he covers, including volleyball. He previously worked as a high school volleyball coach before working for LuLaRoe. He lives in California and is “trying to find my golf game again.” His Twitter bio reads, “Love good stories.”

He recently told Vanity Fair that working for LuLaRoe was the “biggest regret of my life.”

“I resolved to be on the side of the retailer and do whatever was necessary to help take LuLaRoe down,” he said.

While LuLaRoe has been accused of preying on millennial mothers by fooling them into thinking they could get rich from home, the company has vehemently denied defrauding anyone. Earlier this year, they agreed to pay $4.75 million to settle allegations from the Washington state Attorney General’s Office claiming that LuLaRue is a pyramid scheme, the Associated Press reported. LuLaRoe is still in operation today.