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‘I Felt Like Nothing,’ Where Is Faith Rodgers, The Woman Who Accused R. Kelly Of Giving Her An STD, Now?

The R. Kelly accuser says the singer sent her lawyer a threatening letter — and included nude photos.

By Gina Tron
Faith Rodgers Lifetime

One of the R. Kelly accusers featured in “Surviving R. Kelly” is back for Part II of the series, which premiered on Lifetime Thursday, and gives startling insight into how the ordeal has affected her.

Faith Rodgers, 21, spoke out in 2018, claiming she dated R.Kelly, 52, for about a year when she was 19 years old. She sued him that year for sexual battery, false imprisonment and for failing to disclose a sexually-transmitted disease and for mental and verbal abuse, according to The New York Times. She claimed that the controversial singer gave her herpes and that he’d often lock her up when they dated, according to CBS News.

Last year, her lawyer Gloria Allred claimed that R. Kelly had launched a “campaign of intimidation and retaliation” against Rodgers, CBS News reported. 

The alleged campaign has continued as Rodgers continued to speak out, she details in "Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning.” She claims that R. Kelly sent a threatening letter to her lawyer complete with nude photos of her, prior to the first Lifetime docu-series even airing.

“It [the letter] had said that I needed to abandon these heartless efforts of trying to ruin his career, it said that would have ten men that would come and talk about my sex life or that they have had sex with me,” she claims.

Immediately after the pre-screening of the first docu-series, Rodgers says she began getting blackmailed with sexual photos and videos of her. She and her mother Kelly Rodgers claim that a woman approached them after the screening with video footage of her having sexual content with R. Kelly. They said the stress of the event caused Faith Rodgers to have a seizure.

"It took a lot out of me that night, emotionally, physically and spiritually,” Rodgers recalls. 

After the first docu-series debuted, nude photos of her were leaked, an experience she calls the second worst feeling she ever had.

Rodgers said she gained 30 pounds in the aftermath of it all.

“I was stress eating, I had days, like probably the worst days where I was just looking at the phone,” she recalls. She says she thought, “everything they think about me must be true because, look at me. I felt like nothing.”

Her dad Pastor Charles Rodgers noted that she had never been depressed before the experience.

“She’s been in therapy,” he says. “She never was moody. Now she’s moody.”

“I don’t want him to be ashamed of me,” Rodgers says in the docu-series while tearing up, adding that she feels like her family is embarrassed of her now. She says she stopped attending church and family gatherings as a result.

"My relationship with R. Kelly costed [sic] me my confidence, my respect, my love for myself,” she claims in the docu-series.

Even though she says the ordeal has drained her, she is still ready to take on what she feels must be taken on.

She is now involved in the federal case against R. Kelly, she explained on “CBS This Morning” Thursday. She said she will testify if asked.

R. Kelly is currently behind bars, awaiting trial on a series of charges across multiple jurisdictions. He is due in federal court in Chicago in April and then in New York in May. He has vehemently denied all allegations against him. 

Rodgers told “CBS This Morning” that R. Kelly being locked up will not “stop the backlash."

"If anything, it's kind of worse since he's in jail,” she says. “It's a whole bunch of angry fans, so it really hasn't gotten any better. Knowing he's in jail, that's just knowing he's not hurting anybody else, but people who he hurt are still being affected."

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